May 2014

Woke up tired.

Watched some of The Late Late Show on the RTE.

Then had the breakkie. Headed out for a run. I ran up and around the golf course in my “figure 8” 6 mile run.

Later on in the day Phil and Brenda came by and we headed down to The Six Arms for lunch. When we were done we walked on down to the Paramount to see the musical “Once”.

It began slow and was slow. I was beginning to do head dives. During the break I lashed in a cola to wake me up. The second act was just as slow and I did one or two head nods. An Irish story killed it also.

We dropped the girls off at home here and we headed over to Thornton Place to see “A Million Ways To Die In The West”

This was a good movie. I enjoyed it fully.


Ate dinner and dessert in a hurry before I could think I wasn’t hungry.

Passed away time on the Facebook.

No a nap for the hike tomorrow.


Out in the yard

Went up to work on the Ballinger Way retail building. Mark B and Danny on hand. I worked on waterproofing with Fast Flash all the day long. Worked longer than planned but got out on a good time.


Natasha came home and we headed over to meet Beth and Sean at The Yard.

We talked about their trip over to Europe over the summer. Gave then the rundown of our home in Carcassonne. We had a grand chat. We did pop in next door for dessert at “Chocolati”

Time to go home came and we were off. I always like spending time with them.


Went to bed late after watching shite on the telly for a while.

The Summit

Woke up grand after little sleep.

Headed down to the shop and picked up the scanner. Talked with Chuck for a while. Then headed up to BWW on 4th. Scanned 12 locations on the 3rd and 4th floor.

Had lunch from Subway.

Finished out the day doing odds and ends and trying to get the reports caught up. Busy busy and a wee busy.

Took the scanner back tot he shop. Then headed for home. Well first I stopped off and got the tabs for me pick up truck and the 2 motorcycles. Then went to Greenlake and ran around it and the zoo for a 5 mile run. After Greenlake run I went and full the car with gas. After that I headed over to TJ Maxx to get a couple more shirts and return one. Then I went to Big 5 but got nothing there.

Finally got home. Ate me a large dinner to make up for the countless amount of weight loss that I have going on. Ate dessert while we watched “The Summit” on the Netflix.

This was a good movie to watch. Made me want to climb a mountain looking at it though .

Now what will I do.


Woke up tired.

Work on a report for a couple of hours. The headed up to the clinic in Edmonds to do a walk about. Talked with Bill B and Sean D. Walked the job with Sean again and let him know what was needed to be done.

Headed back to Seattle to the BWW on 4th. Worked away on demobing the office. Worked on leveling out the window ledges so we could install metal plates there later. Other odds and ends passed away the day well. I left later than planned.

I headed down 99 to 509 and then across to the airport and down past the cellphone lot. Then down and up to Elder’s place. I changed in the van and then Natasha picked me up. I left the van there so Chuck could ride home after he get’s in.

We parked down town and went to The Cheesecake Factory for a healthy dinner. We went over to Bartell Drugs for a few items and then into Starbucks for tea.

Later on we went to the ACT to see “Little Shop Of Horrors”

Took our seats and watched a great show.

Went home happy. Tried on the seven shirts I bought earlier today. One was a wee small so I will return it soon for a large one.


Mars Bar Diaries

Up early

Headed over to Home Depot to do some shopping for the job. Loaded up the supplies and headed down to the BWW on 4th. Bill C and Conrad unloaded the items and brought them into the building.

We worked on getting some angle steel into place over the entry door. Spent the last part of the day doing hardware on the basement doors.


After dinner we watched “The Last Days On Mars” downstairs.

This is a movie I could have and should have turned off at any time.

We watched The Idiot Abroad after which was good.

Team Eugene

Woke up relaxed.

Got up and had the breakkie.

Played in the Nintendo for an hour or two.

Had lunch

Headed downstairs and watched “Grudge Match”

This movie was better than I thought it would be.

Next up I watched “Stitches”

Didn’t give it much hope but it was better also than I figured. This Irish know how to make a horror not be a horror. I did cringe at the odd gruesome part for some reason.

Last but not least I watched a show on The Greatest Soccer Player in the world. Our George Best.

This was good but it is an Irish Story of course.


Got a text from Julie earlier. She wanted to meet up and talk about her personal stuff going on in her life. Natasha dropped me over to “Saltoro” on Greenwood to meet with her. We talked for a while and then Bridget showed up. The old team back together. We talked and plotted the evening away. After we were done we all headed home. I ran back home. I made it a 4 mile run

Now I will relax the evening away by putting up my trip to New York last week online.

Mounting Si

Woke up very early and relaxed the morning away.

I headed over to meet Realta and Josh at Mount Si. We went for a hike up.

Had a good bit of fun doing it. Felt good. Ate a bar at the top and we headed back down again.

Home for lunch.

After dinner Natasha and I watched “Ride Along”

It was just barely okay. Our dessert made it a lot better.

After that we watched a couple episodes of :”An Idiot Abroad”


Now a bed

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