June 2014

Woke up after a good sleep.

Lazed for a few hours. Then headed over to Dunn Lumber to pick up materials. From there went to Home Depot to pick up dust masks.

Then headed up to the job of the day. Swedish Edmonds. Soon after a young fellow named Thomas from CLP showed up to help me. Soon after he showed up my Man Lift showed up. I started in on the building getting it ready for the stucco fellow. Chuck came by for a visit. Justin came by after that also. Got all 7 openings pretty much ready for H to start his part tomorrow.

I parked the man lift and Thomas cleaned up.

Headed home late.

Went to the post office and then headed down to Green Lake and the zoo for a run around. Got the 5 plus miles in in an okay time.


More dinner and later a dessert.

Looked at flights to Ireland and flights to Maui but still didn’t take the bait to either place.

Now some rest


Woke up early but managed to get back to sleep.

Had the breakkie and kept planning on going for a run but the time got away from me.

We headed down to the Pride Parade again this year.
Had fun watching the going ons with the spectators. The Paraded started off with the Dykes On Bikes as usual. My favorite one is the Bumblebee on the trail bike.



George Takei was a Marshal this year.


Our fine mayor Ed Murray got our of his car and walked amount the crowd


Macklemore was in the house




More Parade photos in here.

We went over to Subway for a sandwich before we headed home.

Speaking about heading home I decided to run home so I said goodbye to me beautiful wife and headed off.


I decided to go a longer way home so I ran up the west side of Lake Union. Then over and through Fremont. All the way up to 50th where I headed east to Phinney, then north by the zoo and east on 59th. Then crossed over Aurora and along Green Lake. Up along Wallingford Ave.


Then east on 92nd and into my neighborhood.


North on 12th to home


This was a lovely 10 mile run and the longest since I ran Portland. More photos of the run to be seen in here.

Ate the dinner and dessert.

Watched a bit of a documentary about John Lennon.

Went to sleep.


The concert came to an end and we chatted outside for a while. Mitch comes out, another chat. We head to the cars and off home.

Went to bed and lights went out pretty quickly. ZZZZZZZZ

Woke up a few hours later. I went down to Greenlake for a run. I decided to take it up a notch and do the Natasha Staton Loop. All went well on me run and I felt good at the end of it. This 9 mile loop felt right and good. I am on target to maybe sign up for at least a half marathon now.


Ate and ate.

We went over to see a movie at Thornton Place. “Transformers-Age Of Extinction”

I normally like these movies but this franchise has ran it’s course now.

Went to the Metropolitan Market after the movie. Got some provisions there.


Ate and ate. Had dinner as well followed by ice cream. Looked at tickets to go to Ireland, London, Manchester, Paris, Carcassonne and to Maui for a while online. No purchase yet.

Watched a film and fell asleep ZZZZZZZZZ

Early up of course

Passed away the old morning again until it was time to hit the pavement for the day of labor. Got to CHC at 5:50 and started into work right away. I went down the man hole and coated the metal with a second coat of the rubber again. A wee bit later we were off and down to Interbay with a stop to Tacoma Screw in between.

I painted the elastomeric on the back of the building where the loose bubbled paint was taken off with the wife brush. I finished out the wall and headed home.

At home I worked on the report for Family Services and then relaxed when I had it done. Ate a semblance of dinner and many desserts.

Phil came by and on goes the tea. We chat with her for a while. Soon after Brenda and Marshall show up. We head off down towards the Showbox SoDo. We go into Pyramid for dinner and drinks. Chat away here for a few hours. Then head down to the Showbox.

We go inside. Soon after Fitz and The Tantrums come on stage. They go on to do one of the best concerts I have seen them do. They get the crowd going, hands in the air, swaying, dancing, stand up and down. The room was a rocking.

Woke up at 2am

Usual passing of the morning and headed up to the CHC on S 112th. Chuck and I down in a manhole all day priming and coating a metal piece that was added to set the height of the water level inside it.

Headed over to Interbay and had a look at the painting that I will do tomorrow to watertight the back side of the building there. Popped into Whole Foods for a few provisions.


Din and Des and then loads more des.

Now a nap

Woke up at 1 am. Passed away the morning doing a bit of this and a bit of that. Watched a movie on the Netflix.

I didn’t give it much hope at the start but feck it was actually good.

Headed down to the shop after many hours and picked up the garden hoses to get the day started. Then headed off down to the job in Kent. Today I investigated the building and Scott was there to aid me. Found the problem after a while. Clogged roof drains led to the leaks into the soffits. We cleaned the drains and then went on to work out the full repair on them.

Picked up material and started the put back. Now it is in the hands of the drywalled to patch it up. Today was a fun day as it usually is when Scott and I work together. Headed back to the shop and then home.

Dinner and loads of dessert followed.

Went to bed late and lights out ZZZZZZZZZZ

Passed into the new day on flight of course. Ate a lot more food on SA Airways, they sure do feed you well. We landed in JFK. Had to go through passport control, get luggage to go through Customs, re check bags, get a ticket to Seattle from Jet Blue, go through security and get on board the A320 operated by Jet Blue to Seattle all in less than 2 hours. We cut it tight but off and up we go.

We are seated apart. I am sitting with a nice girl from Connecticut who has being living in Seattle for 10 years. Her name is Jessie. We chat for a good while. She gets me watching a UFC show with an Irish contestant. I thought it was as boring as feck but watching the Irish lad helped. He lost anyway.

I watched Costa Rica send England home from the World Cup. Then I watched Uruguay send Italy home too.

We landed in our hometown. Got the bags and headed to the car.

Stopped off at QFC for provisions and went home to unpack and eat.

Sat and thought back to Malawi, the good parts and the not so good parts. The great people we met and the okay people we met. Thought about the future travel and then sleepy time arrived.


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