July 2014

Woke up grand and early. Passed away many hours until I went to Mercer Island for the 6am start.

Worked on the waterproofing all day.


Then to the Beach for the picnic and sun. Talked to the good Ted there for a while. A lovely fellow.  We left there too late to pick up the motorcycles from the store.





Woke up early and rested.

Lazed for a while. Then got the day started. Showered and all that. Stepped onto the scale and once again I weighed in the lightest I have been in my adult life.

Headed over to the job on Mercer Island. I worked all day on waterproofing the doors of the building. I was on a roll all day. Today was one of my better retirement work days in a long time. I also had to drill two new holes on my belt so I could hold up my pants.

Headed home and made the picnic food. Natasha came home and we headed to Howell Park. Had the picnic and chat there for a couple of hours.

I ran the seven miles back home again after we were done.

Had a lemonade and an ice cream once I got inside.

Now something to watch.

Woke up okay this morning.

Headed down to the shop.  Dave and I headed over to CHC Edmonds to pick up a pile of doors and jambs. Took them up to Lynnwood to the CHC there. Then back to Edmonds to pick up some fans.

Back to the shop.

From the shop I took the coring machine and Chuck down to ACME. We dropped off the machine for service. We got marking pens and ordered parts. I picked up the new 40 foot ladder and took it over to Bear Creek in Redmond after I dropped Chuck at the shop.

Had a couple of meetings back at the office and then I headed home.

I packed the picnic and had it done as Natasha was arriving home. We headed down to Howell Beach then for our dinner and a relax in the sun. Ate, read and did relax there for a couple of hours this evening. One fellow was shite faced there and I had a laugh watching the interaction with him and others there.

After we were done I ran the seven miles back up home.

Did a bit of stuff and now some rest.


Woke up grand enough shur.

Breakkie and morning duties.

Headed down tot he office and worked on a presentation for a while.

I went up to Woodinville in the Sprinter to drop off a bracket to Johnson Mech. Got a snack at Fred Meyer’s to eat on the way back. Headed over to Builders in Ballard for lock parts and then back to the shop. Chuck and I talked there for a while and I went home late.

Dinner and dessert followed at the castle. Then Brenda and Mitch showed up to ride down tot he game with us. We parked at Pyramid and walked over to Century Link. Tonight the Sounders are taking on the Galaxy.

The game was one sided for the whole first half and we were down 0-3. In the second half we came back for a bit but never could score against them. We lacked some of our good players and the game ended still at a 0-3 loss.


Now a nap.

The band played on and did their usual song after song encores at the end. We said our goodbyes tot he gang. Bridgie came over to say good bye on her way out as well. We headed home. Had a cup of tea and a wee snack before bed and then lights out zzzzzzzzz

Woke up tired after a few hours sleep. Had the breakkie. Then headed over to pick up Erin. She was also home late and tired. We went through the work in the garden to be done with her.

I laced up the runners and headed off for a run towards the beach. I got 5.25 miles in when Natasha caught up with me in the car. I hopped in and off we went. Parked and headed down. It was a lovely warm day here. We swam to cool off had lunch read and left well over three hours later.

Stopped into QFC for provisions. Once back at the Castle I drove Erin back home. I started to clean out the pond to get it up and running for the summer.

Dinner and dessert. Watched some more of “24”.


Woke up at 5 after what seemed like a good nights sleep.

Passed away a few hours. Had the breakkie. Passed away more time doing something, Then Natasha took me over to Bothell to do the Health Point Family 5K.

I went through the stalls. Got me number and swag bag. Got a lot of stuff for this small event. I met some of me fellow workers there. We changed into company shirts to stand out as a group. 3…..2…..1…. and we are off. I take off at a faster pace than I planned but I was caught up in the rush. I slowed down a bit to ease the discomfort in me leg. Ran the “5K” in a good time. I didn’t realize I had done so good for an auld injured lad. I finished in the top group of 250 people. When I was coming to the finishing like the announcement came over the loud speaker. The first runner from Abbott one of our main sponsors is crossing the finishing line,  I crossed to a huge applaud and cheers.

Got hydrated and cheered all the other runners over the line until the end. Socialized there for a while. Then I packed my back pack on me back and took off for home. I ran down the Burke Gilman then West at Lake Forest Park and up to 15th before heading south for home.  The run home tool me a further 11.7 miles. I felt great and had a big smile on my face.

Ate lunch, showered and headed over to West Seattle to Scott’s 50th birthday party. Kristine had put together a great array of food, vegetarian and salt free. She is so good. Met Mike there as well. Hadn’t seen him in a while. We socialized and ate there until the evening. Then our time to go came. We headed off and over to Ballard. The traffic was diverted because of the Torchlight Run and parade. IT was a slow drive.

Parked in Ballard and went up to Hattie’s Hat for dinner. Met Phil there. Soon after Jack and Matt arrived. Then a wee later Robert, Sean and Ian arrived. We ate and chatted there for a couple of hours before going to the show. We went over to The Tractor then. The show tonight is “The Red Elvises” We had seen them here a few months back and they were good. They played a grand show. While this was a good show I preferred the last one better. Met Bridget P there.

Woke up still fecked.

Headed down to start work around 5 on Mercer Island. Got the door pans all done. Then headed back to the shop to get the dump truck. Went to Home Depot for 55 bags of concrete. Back tot he shop for a mixer and a wheelbarrow. Got a call from Marvin to pick up some cedar trim. Back to HomWoke up still fecked.

Headed down to start work around 5 on Mercer Island. Got the door pans all done. Then headed back to the shop to get the dump truck. Went to Home Depot for 55 bags of concrete. Back tot he shop for a mixer and a wheelbarrow. Got a call from Marvin to pick up some cedar trim. Back to Home Depot and got that. Took it all to Mercer Island and dropped it off. Back to the office and finished out me day on the laptop. Sandy came by for the visit. Had a grand chat with her and Dave.


Natasha and I headed over to Thornton Place to see “Lucy”

The movie was alright.


Dinner and dessert as we started in on another season of “24”

So far the first three episodes were watchable.

Now a nap so I can run my event tomorrow morning.


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