Woke up early and got the day going.

Headed over to Bainbridge Island for the last day on the job.  We worked on the waterproofing where we could.  The pavers were in our way. Elder will go back tomorrow to finish. We loaded up the extra material into my truck and we took it back to the shop.

Headed up to meet Magali. We met at the wheel and then headed down to the Old Curiosity Shoppe for a look around.

On the way back Magali ate her first hot dog ever. It was at the Frankfurter on the water front and it was a Thai chicken one. We sat there and chatted for a long time. We then hopped into the truck and headed for home.

We stopped into QFC for a few provisions. Headed home.

Natasha cooked a great pesto pasta for dinner. Salad also. I made the strawberry shortcake dessert.