Woke up early of course.

Lazed away the morning. Headed back to Kent for the day of labor. Did a lot of shopping all day really. Had a safety meeting with Clarence present. We worked out a confined space area,

Headed for the shop. Picked up extension cords there. Then headed over to Home Depot to return some items. Then headed down to ACME to buy grinder wheels.

Picked Magali up down town and we went for a drive around the city. Headed for home. Had a few M&M’s. Showered and got ready to go downtown.

We went to Queen Anne and parked. We went into the Teatro Zinzanni for dinner and a show. It is our 19th anniversary so a good day to go as well. In we go. The usual waiting and then being seated. Tonights show was a good one. Not great but good. The food was nice, our table guests were okay. The night went fast. We got out of there late of course.

Now I will talk with Natasha about us breaking up or staying together for some more time.