We talked and talked and talked and talked from 10 pm last evening until 2 am this morning about us staying together. It seems like we are going to stay together for a while longer at least.

Woke up 5 hours later and got the day started.

Got to work for 6 at the vault. Chuck showed up soon after. Worked on sanding it until Mark from the product company came out and we talked. Now we will pressure wash the vault again and then we are ready to coat. We cleaned the loose edges and the like. Then patched the areas that needed patching. Finished out the day well and headed home.

I stopped at Safeway for some provisions. Then at home I made the dinner and dessert for Natasha and myself. We continued talking about our staying together as a couple. Magali came home and that ended that. I made Magali her dinner.

We went to bed and lights out ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ