September 2014

Woke up early as hell.

Headed down to Tacoma and started the water proofing at the  Market before 6am. Worked like a mad man all day and got out of there at a good time after 8 hours.

Stopped into World Market for a couple boxes of tea,


Natasha picked me up and we went to Cinebarre to see “The Maze Runner”

 photo MV5BMjUyNTA3MTAyM15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwOTEyMTkyMjE_V1_SX640_SY720__zps94fc6685.jpg

The film was shite but the dinner was good. I got to nod off for some of the movie as well.


I hopped into my truck and headed up to have a look at the house Julie is looking at to buy. I did a walk through the outside and made a list of items I saw that needed to be remedied. Kristine showed up and we chatted for a while. She let me inside and I looked around a bit. Julie showed up sooon after. I finished my inspection and it was a grand place. Julie agreed to but it and Kristine hung up the SOLD sign.

I headed home to my wifey.



there until the rain hit. Got more of the canopy caulked.

Back to the office.


Ate and ate and ate and ate and frigging ate.

Now a show and a sleep.


Woke up early and passed many hours. Natasha got up and had to head to the office.

I lazed around and then decided to go on a 6 mile run. I was about to head out and Matt got up. I put on the tea and tart. We had a great chat for a fw hours. I had giving up on running at this stage.

As Matt was heading out I got a message from Erika on the Facebook

 photo run_zps828f932b.jpg

And who am I to refuse a run.

We met up down at the lake a little later and off we went.I took her down along for 8.5 miles on the Natasha Staton Loop. She needed 8 for her half next weekend. We had a lovely chat and feck she did great. Held the chat for most of the way. I was happy.

Home to Natasha. We had a good chat also. Relaxed in the arms for a while.

Then we headed out for dinner and a movie at The Sundance. Today we saw “The Equalizer”

 photo the-equalizer-official-movie-poster_zps56bb12b3.jpg

This movie was good along the lines of the movie Taken. Dinner was good too.

Home for dessert.

SOA on the Netflix.


Woke up early and passed away the morning waiting for me good wife to wake up.

We had the breakfast a few hours later. Then headed over to Mount Si for a hike up to the top. We parked and Natasha took off at a good brisk walk while I did stuff and then I did leave a while after her.

I put on the headphones and took off running. This was the first time I have ran uphill sonce last November. I felt like I was more tired than the last time I ran Si. I cought up to Natasha and we had a quick chat. I coontinued on and up. Passed everyone as I was on the assent. One long distance runner said “Great job man” as I passed them by. I felt the good in this. I kept at is as good as I could, did walk over rocky and extreme areas. Got to the top and took a recovery pose as I looked out over the cloud filled below. The run to the summit today took me 1 hour 11 minutes and 31 seconds. Well I be damned this was the fastest time for me to do this. A new record.

Built a dolmen with a prayer for the quick recovery of Joan “Crow: Mac back home.

Natasha came up a while after me

and we chattted there for a few minutes.

Going down took time as it is more difficult for the most prt and letting people who were going up pass. We made the trek down in just over 2 hours.  Stopped into Subway on the way home for lunch.

Then stopped into the QFC at home for supplies.

Back home Natasha started in on making the dinner. I made my first Irish type apple tart for dessert. This was the first time since about 1979 I had made one. Matt came over later on. We had a great dinner and the dessert was actually good also. Maybe it was the gelato and whipped cream on top too.

Had a meeting on the deck for a couple of minutes and then headed downstairs to watch a film.

We watched “Searching For Sugarman” again.

It was just as good as the first time we saw it.

We then talked about the trip to Thailand for a while. I was getting tired and headed off to bed. Natasha followed after me. Matt decided it was better he stayed and slep in Realta’s room


Got to bead after midnight of course.

Woke up after a few hours. Got the day going. Headed down to the office for the start of the work day. Chuck and I headed over to the Synagogue to do another take off. Headed over to Plywood Supply after that to pick up the supplies.

Back tot he shop and unloaded. I met with Katie in HR to get my retirement money a movin. Talked about another thin for Natasha as well.

I headed up to the Ryther and met with Craig. We went through the items that needed attention for his job. He will get the pictures on file and the reports done soon. Met with a few other fellow dodgy geezers there also.



We headed down to The Cove at Normanday Park for Katie and Chris’s wedding reception. Met Erika and her good fellow there which was nice.  The came over and sat at our table.  We had a great chat all evening long. Ate some great food as well. Talked with Gary, Brenda, Steve, Sue, Ed, Rick, Amy, Marcin, Katie and Chris during the evening.

Marcin, Katie, a dodgy geezer and Erika.

 photo KatiesReception001_zps95e4661e.jpg
Headed home after a grand evening

Woke up just after 1 am. Got up and watched a movie on the laptop. “Salt”

Salt-Movie.jpg picture by irelandsking

I had seen it before back in July 23 2010 and it was good. I am glad to say it is still good.

Went to work. Worked on the Sky Dive Center plans all day making changes and suggestions to make it a better drier building.

Got out of there two hours later than planned.


Dinner and dessert.

We went over to the Tractor to see “The Young Dubliners” in concert.

First up were “The Fire Inside” This Celtic Trad band did alright. A great way to start the evening. Next up were “The Bog Hoppers” This was a Celtic Punk band. I liked their energy. Put on a great show.

The Yound Dubliners came on next and rocked the house with their Celtic Rock sound. The show ended just before midnight.

Woke up early and started watching stuff on the computer.

Headed down to the office for the day of labor. Worked on the computer for most of the day. Picked up the Flex Car at the repair shop. Had to go downtown to a location to check out a leak or two.. Finished out the day loooking at plans.

Stopped off at Greenlake for a 5 mile run on the way home.


Dinner and dessert.

Got news of my friend Marvin being in the hospital after having a heart attack.

Now a look at whats online.

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