October 2014

Headed down to the shop early and picked up the dump truck
Headed back to the job and loaded up piles of garbage. The traffic was bad today so after I dumped the garbage I took the truck back.

At the job I put the coating on the last 2 decks. Then I repaired the broken screen on the sliding door. I opened up some of the closed off decks we had closed. Tidied up. Met with Dave for a bit. He let me know many residents had voiced their opinion to him how nice of a person I am and it would have been great had I ran the job from the beginning.

I headed home. Natasha arrived soon after. Ate the dinner at home here. We then headed down to the TV room and watched some more of SOA 6.

Got a nap in ZZZZZZZZZ


Woke up after a grand sleep.

Passed away the morning as usual.
Headed to me job. Worked on second coating 3 decks and then put a first coat on 1 deck.

Had tae and a bagel from Safeway.


Returned some computer equipment back to  Natasha’s old law firm. Had a good old chat and fun with Sierra. Chatted a bit to Mindy and met Morgaine for the first time.

Back home.

Natasha and I headed up to Enat for the quick and easy dinner.

Headed up to Safeway for the two bags of provisions.

Watched more SOA season 6

Now a leaba.

Woke up just after 2. Passed away the morning working on the computer.

Finally headed out to the job for the day. Got the second coat on 2 decks. Then put the first coat on 3 decks.

Had a busy day moving along.

Home for dinner and dessert.
We headed down town to the ACT. Tonight’s play is “Vanya & Sonia & Masha & Spike”
It was a grand play. I was tired during it. The early start got to me.


Now a nap

Woke up real fecked


Headed down to Madison Park again.

It was pissing down rain. Got the lads started and the I headed up to Fast Flashings. Ian was there and he got me the 2 pieces of drip flashing I needed bent up. Headed over to Home Depot and got screen stuff and a few other items.

Tae and a bagel for break and to get warm.

Worked on opening up some decks.  Computer stuff as well.


Got two windows from Home Depot for the bedrooms earlier as well.

Watched the start of Sons Of Anarchy Season 6

So far so good.

Now a leaba

Woke up fecked

Headed down to the old job in Madison.

Worked on coating three decks today.


Finished SOA 5


Woke up after a grand rest

Up and relaxed some more

After the great breakfast we went down to IKEA. We bought the furniture for Natasha’s new office. Loaded it into my pickup and headed out. Stopped into Subway for a sandwich.

Headed back up to the office. Brought the furniture inside before the rain might have come. I took old useless furniture apart and assembled two new desks, drawers and shelves.

We headed over to Cinebarre to see a movie and have dinner. Tonight’s movie was “John Wick”

It was a good kill revenge movie.

We had pizza for dinner and contraband lemon and cherry pies for dessert.


Ate again while watching a scary movie. “Paranormal Activity”

It was shite but we watched it anyway.

Headed back up to the office where I assembled the chair. Then hung a mirror and diplomas on the walls.


Now a nap

Woke up early

Passed away the morning with my wifey.
She went to work. I watched a movie “An Everlasting Piece”

It had a few laughs.

Julie came by. We went to Greenlake and ran around one time. We then went over to Chocolati for hot drinks. Sat outside and had a chat for a long time. Then home. She came in for a look around and finished the chat.

Natasha arrived home and we went to the Sounders game.

Beth and Sean were there when we got there. The sounders took on the LA Galaxy and it was a tense great game. The Sounders did what they did best and scored two great goals at the end. We won the Supporters Shield for the first time with our 2-0 win.


Hot chocolate and cookies.


Headed over to West Seattle and stopped into the Trader Joes for a few provisions. Then over to Scott and Kristine’s for the Scary Movie Night.
photo 2photo 4photo 5

Leta was there and Michael showed up a while later. We ate well and drank well. Had a good chat about me beautiful mother in law for a long time.

Watched the remake of “Carrie”

It was better than I expected.

Next up we watched a good bot of “Paranormal Activity 4”

It was a wee better than I expected. Makes me want to see the others now.

We had to leave before the end to get home before midnight.

Now a nap with a full stomach.

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