November 2014

Woke up at 2am. Got up and started into my day.

I found this in the drawer next to the bed.

Passed away the morning watching stuff on the laptop.

Had the breakkie. Packed up the bags and brought them to the car. Took the garbage and recycling down as well. Took the keys over to the front desk to drop them off but had to make contact with a security fellow to get them finally dropped off.

Headed out. Stopped off at Starbucks in Squamish for a peppermint mocha each. Then on and around Vancouver via 1. Border crossing was a breeze with the Nexus passes.

Stopped off at Natasha’s Law Office to get the tickets for the game later tonight printed.


Lunch and then headed down town. Picked Matt up down by the stadium and we then parked at the Benaroya Hall to go in and see a show. We went to see the “Seattle Men’s Chorus” do their Christmas show “Our Gay Apparel”


We had a drink at Starbucks before going in. I had a double peppermint mocha. Into the show we and take our seats.

The show started and ran along great. This has become a family tradition for us now for many many years. I actually think I liked this years one the best so far. We were blessed to see “Linda Eder” perform with them tonight. She has a great voice. I was amazed by her range. The two acts went by very quick and then we were on our way again.

We headed on down towards the stadiums. I stopped into The Fado to use the bathroom. Met and chatted to Sinead there for a few minutes. She was in great form.

Arrived at the stadiums and parked. Went inside Century Link Field. Phil showed up soon after. She was in good form as well. Tonight the Sounders are taking on the LA Galaxy in the final game of the playoffs.


The game started and was exciting. We were ahead 2-0 going into the half. I was happy with this score. We had pizza there for dinner.

The second half started and LA got a goal. Disappointment was felt throughout the stadium. So we win the game 2-1 but with their win by a goal last week it tied 2-2 in aggregate.  LA had a tiny lead by scoring an away goal so the moved on to the final. We say our goodbyes outside and off home we go.

Get home and have dessert. Relax for a wee bit.

Now a bed.


Woke up at 1am after three hours of sleep or at least close to it. Watched “A Fighting Man” on the computer.

It was a well made movie and I liked it. Of course at am anything might be good.

Watched countless amounts of Jimmy Fallon clips on the laptop after that.

Had the breakkie.

Natasha and I headed down to Lost Lake again this day too take some photos. It was frigging freezing. Around 7 to 8 degrees Fahrenheit.  

IMG_3333 IMG_3269


More tea and a hot shower. Passed away the morning for a while. Then it was time to go down and meet Sean. We met at Blenz at 10 just like planned. We took off running. Went down around Lost Lake and then back towards the golf course for a few minutes and back to the village. It was 4.8 miles under our belt.

More tea and then Natasha and I headed up to the Bazaar for a look around.

Didn’t see a lot there that caught my interest. After we were done we headed over to the “Dubh Linn Gate” for our lunch. Met a lovely fellow from Dundalk there. Also a Donegal fellow who was born in London.  We ate our lunch and had a good chat.

Once done we headed back down along towards the market. We went in to get more provisions. I talked to the fine Iranian there. She remembered me from yesterday.

Home for tea and biscuits.

Talked to Mary on the old Viber. All is well back there.

We relaxed the evening away. I had a wee nap.

We then ate our last dinner of this vacation.
Watched The Michael Buble Christmas Special.
Chatted the evening away and now time for a wee nap.

Woke up after a 6 hour nap.

Up and relaxed in front of the fire for a couple of hours. Downed cup after cup of tea. Natasha got up and we chatted for a while. More tea and toast. Then I headed out for a wee run.

I ran up to and around the golf course and home again to get in a 3.8 mile loop.
More tea at home. Chatted with Michael back in Leeds on the Skype for a while.
Whistler November 2014 (3)

Then the good Natasha and I headed off over and around Lost Lake.
Whistler November 2014 (15)

Whistler November 2014 (16)

Whistler November 2014 (19)

Whistler November 2014 (115)

Whistler November 2014 (120)

Back home a while later.

We headed out to Dups Burrito for a veggie lunch.

More tea back home and then headed up to the movie theater. We went in to see “Mockingjay Part 1”
It was actually very good. Now I will have to live until part 2 comes out.

Home via some window shopping.

Tea and tea. Well some McVitie’s Digestive too.

Later on we listened to Rod Stewart live at Sterling Castle Christmas 2012 while we ate the Thanksgiving dinner all over again. Fecking stuffed.

Had the great Apple and Pear pie. A dollop of cream on top.

We watched the most watched show in Ireland on the RTE Player. The Late Late Toy Show. I watched it when I was a little boy and now I watch it as an auld lad with Natasha. My nephew and niece were on it playing their Chellos.


Passed away the rest of the evening in a relaxed manner.

Now maybe a sleep.

I did this test online after waking up.

Are you able to accurately read other people’s emotions?

How Good Are You At Reading People?

My score was.

You’re incredibly observant. You are very alert and have strong instincts. You are able to read people’s emotions and make sense of the way they are feeling in an instant. You don’t miss a beat and it is hard to get much past you! Have you ever thought about working as a detective?


Anyway I did wake up after a good sleep.
Passed away the morning like I do. Tea and a grand protein breakfast. Packed the bags for Canada. Got the show on the road later than planned. No harm.

Headed up the I-5 and the border crossing was less than 10 seconds.

Got up to Whistler early.

Got the keys at the rental office. Had good fun with the girls there like I do.

Went down to the condo at the Market Place. Got unit 306. Well feck it is one of the nicer condos we have stayed at here in Whistler. Popped down stairs for some provisions.

Had a snack of lunch.

We made up the Thanksgiving dinner or I should say Natasha did as I only did one dish. Ate like champs. Went back for more. Frigging stuffed. Later on we had pear and apple pie for dessert. That was good but we knew better to only have a limited amount.
Had the fired going as the rain and snow was making it’s way off the roofs outside. Very happy to be here.

Passed away the evening and made it to sleep at a good time.


Woke up very early.

Passed away the morning as usual. Well a different thing was I ordered 2 pairs of running shoes. My usual Asics 2000s

Then to fuck everything up or make everything I decide to try out another brand for the first time in my running career. I will try the Mizuno Wave Inspire 10
Stay tuned for the news on these ones.

Headed off down the I-5 to the shop. Got set up on my desk. Got the keys for the job on 8th and Stewart. Headed over and bagged up the leaves from the drains. Back to the shop and dropped off the garbage.

Went on a secret and undercover mission for a couple of hours.

Met Elder and his daughter Darlene for a few minutes. We had a grand chat in a hurry. I gave him tee-shirts, he gave me a tee shirt from Pedro. I gave Darlene $20 and off we went.

Met with Arnie, Christine and so on at the office. Signed the Christmas cards. Had a good long chat with Rory like team Ireland would do.

Headed home.

Was tired ad relaxed. Natasha came home with her hands full of holiday gifts from law firms and banks in Seattle. The life of a trial attorney is not too shabby.

Ate dinner and dessert. Frigging stuffed.

Started packing up a bag for Canada.
Talked on the Facebook

Odds and ends

Now a nap

Woke up early.
Passed away all the morning doing odds and ends.

Headed over to Home Depot and bought the supplies I needed for the day of labor.

Headed to the shop and got the stuff ready for the day ahead.

Headed up to Bay View Ballard to the good Kathleen’s home. She was in great form after seeing me. We chatted as I waited for the others to show up.

I got to my investigation and the area was bone dry after I removed the different layers of plastic I had installed two weeks ago. No sign of leaks anywhere. I met the good New Yorked from Sicilian birth. I hadn’t seen her in over two years. We talked for a wee bit. She had heard I was coming to the building today. Told me everyone loved me there and wanted to meet me. Feck I went back to work in Kathleen’s unit. Installed new drywall and patched it up. Installed the sill. Then put a second coat of mud on the wall. I was done. Cleaned up and headed out.

Back to the office and left the humidity meter on Arnie’s desk. Then met and talked with Lenny, Tim S and Lenny. Talked with Kristine for a good while and used her as my excuse to continue out of the building avoiding the Christmas card signings.


Made dinner and had dessert after it.
The good Natasha and I headed on down to the Key Arena to see “Bastille” in concert. The first band were quite good. They were called “Grizfolk”. Then Bastille came on and put on a great night of music. What a band. Headed home happy afterwards.

Now a nap in needed.

Woke up early like one does.

Headed to the office for the day of labor.
Worked on the internet template for our division for a long time.

Met with Anna, Julie, Katie H, Arnie, Lenny, Tricia and I forget who else.

Got out of there later than planned.

Headed home. Switched out the car for the pick up and headed up to the law office to put the conference room furniture together. Got it done and headed home.

Dinner and many desserts.

Passed away the evening and then hit the bed.


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