Woke up grand

Passed the morning away and then headed out for the day.

Over to Mercer Island and did the roof investigation.

Headed back too Atlas for supplies. Dropped the Koster at the office.

Up to Madison Park for the day of labor.

Met my friend Jenny at The Starbucks for a tea and a chat. I hadn’t seen her in a while. She was in good form considering the very recent passing of her good man. A good chat followed. The time to depart arrived. Bye bye hug hug kiss kiss kiss and I was off.

Headed over to the job. Worked on patching the blown out concrete areas on the concrete decks.  The wind was a howling. Got done and headed out.

Worked on writing up reports once I had the internet at home. Got done late. Shower snack of dinner and out the door. Ate trail mix on the way. Parked and headed over to The Paramount. Met Bridget P, her sister Carmen and their mum at the door. We had a chat and went inside. We are here to see “Tony Bennett” in concert.

His daughter Antonia came on first. She did grand shur.

Tony came on after her and put on a grand show as well. He sang the short version of many of his songs. His voice was very strong and at one stage filled the Paramount singing acapella.

The show ended after many standing ovations and we headed out.

Dropped Bridge off and home in good time.