Woke up in good form.
Passed the morning away like I do.

This morning I had to sit in my truck for a while before I left to let the first of the coming months ice melt off the windshield.

Headed down to the office. Worked on getting my day set up. Cut down to wood to make a frame for my job later on.  Talked with Arnie about our plan of attack. Talked with Tricia about the Stuart clan. Then I headed off to the meeting with Kathleen at Bayview. Once I got inside she was in great form. Met a lovely girl named Teri. A fellow named Greg showed up a wee later. I went to work slowly investigating the window. Took many photos. After I took all my readings and made my observations I went down and made up the window frame. Took it back up and installed it. Put multiple layers of plastic on the outside of it. Taped everywhere. Hung the humidity detector on it and wrapped up. Helped her to mend her table that she had hit with a hammer. Went back to the office and worked on the photos.



Headed up to the Aaron Brothers to get the Hedwig poster framed. Met a lovely girl named Cory there and she helped me along. I got a great frame and non reflective glass for $120. Then I bought another 4 frames for other stuff I had at the house.

Home again


A long chat on Facebook with Jenz