Woke up early of course
Passed away the morning doing stuff what I like and some I don’t. One good thing was I watched “Whitey”

This was worth a watch even though it was a bit disappointing.

Headed over to Julie’s new house to help her along with it. After a long chat we got started. I installed a new faucet in the kitchen. We had tea and many cookies. I programmed the new remote controls for the garage door. Then started in on staining the entry deck. Her friend Renee came by to help. I chatted to her for a wee bit. Irish family in her blood. Cunningham from Galway.

Julie and I headed out to run the new neighborhood. There are some great hills to take in around here. We tried to find an easement back towards her castle in a few areas to no avail. It was fun crawling through brush, bramble and briars in some areas though. Made it a slow run but I was glad to get a 4.2 mile run on the books.

Bye bye to Renee and Jules back at the house. I finished removing the last of the temporary railings off her deck before I left. Headed home to the good woman.

We went down to Sundance to see a movie and eat dinner. Tonight’s movie is “Beyond The Lights”
The movie was not my kind of one and border lined on being shite.

Stopped into Trader Joe’s for supplies and then home to pass the night away.