Woke up after a good sleep.

Headed over to Lake Shore to get some stuff to bring over to Lenny.

Headed to the shop. Gave Lenny his safety gear and key. Worked on me laptop for a while. Then I had to head up to the Accretive building to manage a store front caulking.

Got there and met Mike and his partner. We got them started in on the East side patio. Had to make a run to Home depot to get allen keys to take off the patio door in order to get the man lift outside.

Worked on odds and ends all day. Talked on the phone a lot which is not my thing normally. The lads finished up on time and we headed out.


Smokey tea and aran. Chat some more on the phone.

Smokey veggies, tofu and noodles for dinner. Followed by lots of dessert.

Now a quick gander on Fcebook to see who is on. Then I will be getting ready for the bed.