Woke up after 1am.

Watched The Late Late Show on RTE. It was alright. Sinead was on there and did grand.

Got the day going with tea and the like.

Went down to Greenlake and met the good Katherine. We took off on a loop of the lake and zoo until we completed the 5 miles. Had a good chat along the way. Bye bye and a hug at the cars and home.


Headed up to see Natasha at the Law Office. We went over to see a movie and eat at The Cinebarre. Todays film is “Interstellar”


Nothing over stellar about it but it was a grand way to pass a bit o time. The pizza was good.

Stopped into the Safeway on the way home for a few more provisions.



Had the dinner.

Headed over and picked up Bridget P and we headed off down to Queen Anne. Then into The Key Arena. Took our seats. Tonight’s show is  the  “Trans Siberian Orchestra

I had seen these guys a couple of years back with Natasha, Kristine and Scott. The came on with the new show. While it was focused on a younger audience more I did like it. Once they went through the show and then continued on into the night I found it to be a bit too much. Maybe cut 30 minutes out of this near three hour concert. Had it being Queen I could handle it all night like. Realta was at the show and came up talking to us. That was nice. Then we chatted again afterwards outside.

Headed out. I dropped Bridget off home. I enjoyed her birthday night with her.

Home and now a sleep beckons.