I did this test online after waking up.

Are you able to accurately read other people’s emotions?

How Good Are You At Reading People?

My score was.

You’re incredibly observant. You are very alert and have strong instincts. You are able to read people’s emotions and make sense of the way they are feeling in an instant. You don’t miss a beat and it is hard to get much past you! Have you ever thought about working as a detective?


Anyway I did wake up after a good sleep.
Passed away the morning like I do. Tea and a grand protein breakfast. Packed the bags for Canada. Got the show on the road later than planned. No harm.

Headed up the I-5 and the border crossing was less than 10 seconds.

Got up to Whistler early.

Got the keys at the rental office. Had good fun with the girls there like I do.

Went down to the condo at the Market Place. Got unit 306. Well feck it is one of the nicer condos we have stayed at here in Whistler. Popped down stairs for some provisions.

Had a snack of lunch.

We made up the Thanksgiving dinner or I should say Natasha did as I only did one dish. Ate like champs. Went back for more. Frigging stuffed. Later on we had pear and apple pie for dessert. That was good but we knew better to only have a limited amount.
Had the fired going as the rain and snow was making it’s way off the roofs outside. Very happy to be here.

Passed away the evening and made it to sleep at a good time.