Woke up at 2am. Got up and started into my day.

I found this in the drawer next to the bed.

Passed away the morning watching stuff on the laptop.

Had the breakkie. Packed up the bags and brought them to the car. Took the garbage and recycling down as well. Took the keys over to the front desk to drop them off but had to make contact with a security fellow to get them finally dropped off.

Headed out. Stopped off at Starbucks in Squamish for a peppermint mocha each. Then on and around Vancouver via 1. Border crossing was a breeze with the Nexus passes.

Stopped off at Natasha’s Law Office to get the tickets for the game later tonight printed.


Lunch and then headed down town. Picked Matt up down by the stadium and we then parked at the Benaroya Hall to go in and see a show. We went to see the “Seattle Men’s Chorus” do their Christmas show “Our Gay Apparel”


We had a drink at Starbucks before going in. I had a double peppermint mocha. Into the show we and take our seats.

The show started and ran along great. This has become a family tradition for us now for many many years. I actually think I liked this years one the best so far. We were blessed to see “Linda Eder” perform with them tonight. She has a great voice. I was amazed by her range. The two acts went by very quick and then we were on our way again.

We headed on down towards the stadiums. I stopped into The Fado to use the bathroom. Met and chatted to Sinead there for a few minutes. She was in great form.

Arrived at the stadiums and parked. Went inside Century Link Field. Phil showed up soon after. She was in good form as well. Tonight the Sounders are taking on the LA Galaxy in the final game of the playoffs.


The game started and was exciting. We were ahead 2-0 going into the half. I was happy with this score. We had pizza there for dinner.

The second half started and LA got a goal. Disappointment was felt throughout the stadium. So we win the game 2-1 but with their win by a goal last week it tied 2-2 in aggregate.  LA had a tiny lead by scoring an away goal so the moved on to the final. We say our goodbyes outside and off home we go.

Get home and have dessert. Relax for a wee bit.

Now a bed.