December 2014

Woke up and got the day started.

Headed down to the job early. Got started on setting it up. Chuck arrived a while later.

We worked on putting on the second coat of Koster on the walls. Worked all day until about 10 hours had passed.


Headed down to see a play at the REP. We parked in the garage and went up to the Metropolitan Market for dinner. Relaxed there for a while and then we headed across for the 6pm play. Once we got there we found out the play actually started at 5pm due to the NYE I presume. We had the option to goo to a couple of parties but opted out this year. We headed back home.

Had chocolate lava cakes for dessert. Watched a movie “Guardians Of The Galaxy”

It didn’t hold my attention really.

We headed on down to Queen Anne around 11pm We finally found parking. We mosied on down the hill until we came to a good spot to see the fireworks going off the top of the Space Needle.

Within a couple of minutes the count down began 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1…………..


Woke up early,
Headed too the shop. Chuck and I loaded up the van and headed for Kent. Worked like mad men all day prepping and coating the walls with the Koster NB1. Got done late into the evening.


Dinner and dessert.
Watched some movie but I forget what it was now.


Woke up tired

Fecked off down to the office. Later on Chuck and I headed on down to Kent with the supplies to do the work on the Curves.

We went to work sanding the efflorescence off the blocks. After a day of that we then patched up the divits and nail holes on the wall.


Watched “Frank”

It was okay but I was nodding of during it.

Went to bed and watched “Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas Specials”.


Woke up relaxed after a grand sleep.

Had a breakkie and packed up the bags. We headed out after a while. Left this fine hotel behind. Loaded into the Subaru and headed for the border. Crossed in less that 30 seconds.

We stopped off at Hagen for bagels and Starbucks for tea in Bellingham North. Back to Seattle in no time after that. Unloaded the car and went inside. All looked well, I headed over to Home Depot to pick up plywood for the job tomorrow.

Picked up the wood and took it back home. I cut one foot off each sheet to make them 3X8 sheets. Packed them into the garage. We then ate a grand lunch that Natasha made up.

Headed over to Scott and Kristine’s to watch the Seahawk game. Went through the remodel with them. Sean and Jodi came in from next door. Leta showed up as well. The game went well and we ate like champs. We were winning well in the last quarter so we headed out to beat the traffic home.

Ate home we ate a dinner. Ate a lot of shite like we have being doing for the last month. We watched “The Interview as well.


What a bunch of shite.

Now I will try and sleep with a lot of sugar rushing through my body. If I make it alive in the morning I will be better.


Woke up after a few hours of sleep. Felt good. Just lay in bed relaxing.

After breakfast I decided I would go out for a wee run. Ended up going for a longer 11.5 mile run. It was too nice to turn back after the 3 miles.

Here are some photos I took along the way on my run.
Vancouver December 2014 032Vancouver December 2014 037Vancouver December 2014 042Vancouver December 2014 045Vancouver December 2014 048Vancouver December 2014 050Vancouver December 2014 056Vancouver December 2014 071Vancouver December 2014 081Vancouver December 2014 083Vancouver December 2014 086Vancouver December 2014 089Vancouver December 2014 092

Had a gwall of tea and biscuits in the suite.
Vancouver December 2014 094

We then headed across to the Scotia Bank Theater to see "The Imitation Game"


It was a real good movie. We popped into Subway after for a sandwich. Then back to the suite. More tea and the like.

We headed on down to "Thierry" for the macaroons. We heard they were the best in Vancouver and they certainly are not but still good enough to eat as we walk on down along to The Renaissance  to meet up with Phil, Marci and Megan. A good chat in the room while they got ready to hit the town.Then we headed on over to "The Steam Works" to meet Phil’s cousin Lisa and her husband Greg. They had the kiddies Ethan and Paige with them as well. We ate dinner and had a great chat for a few hours.

Megan had her first legal drink in Canada here.
Vancouver December 2014 102

Made more plans for the year ahead. Then the good woman and I headed out.

We stopped into the Shoppers Drugs for a few items before heading back to the 2108 for the night.

Went to bed after 1am

Woke up before 5. Got the day started. Lay around lazing the morning away.

Ate a pile of food. We packed up our bags and headed out. Stopped off at Starbucks for a Christmas Mocha. Then headed off up to the Canadian border.

We crossed the busy 40 minute wait border in one minute with the Nexus cards. Stopped into the Old Spaghetti Factory in Richmond for lunch.

Continued into Vancouver after we were finished. Parked in the garage on Alberni. Then checked in at the Century Plaza Hotel. Got a king bed suite room # 2108

Vancouver December 2014 001Vancouver December 2014 003Vancouver December 2014 005

with a great view of the city.
Vancouver December 2014 009Vancouver December 2014 010

Once settled in we went out for a walk. Popped into the Market Place for some provisions.

Back at the suite later we just relaxed and ate dinner. Passed the evening away.

Vancouver December 2014 020

Went for the sleep.

Well Happy Christmas to all. I live my day in two hour increments most days. Here it is for this Christmas day.

Midnight to 2am : A wee sleep ZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Woke at 1:23 am and got up. No sign of Santy but the real time was 1:19 on the range clock. Listened to the last of the podcast “Serial”
It was a bunch of shite and a waste of my spare time but it did help me fall asleep over the last couple of weeks.

2 to 4am: Watched “Pat Shortt-The Live Show”
It was good. He does a great job of capturing Irish people at their best. A modern day Beckett.

Started watching “Reclaim”
Reclaim Movie Poster
Paused it at 3:59

4 to 6am Had a gwall of water and a tablet. Turned on the Christmas lights and tree in the living room. Lit the candle in the dining room to remember the family who have moved on before us and to guide them back for the day. Talked to Pauline Bugler, Marie O Leary, Tom Corry and Marian Moloney on the Facebook chat. Put on the pot of tea and enjoyed it with a bagel. Watched a rerun of the 2014 National Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony  on kbtc.

6 to 8am: Natasha got out of bed. Kiss kiss hug hug. I loaded up a black and white photo for the 5 B&W Photos in 5 Days Challenge.

Went out and ran down through Maple Leaf Park, around 75th ST and back home for a 3.45 mile run.
As I did this run I got to listen to:
Bruce Springsteen-Red Headed Woman
Lou Reed The Velvet Underground-Walk On The Wild Side
Hedwig And The Angry Inch-The Origin Of Love
AWOL Nation-Jump On My Shoulders
Brandi Carlile-Keep Your Heart Young
The Great Big Sea-Have A CuppaTea
Waterboys and Sharon Shannon-Raggle Taggle Gypsy
Foster The People-Houdini

At home I had the shower to get ready for the day.
Headed over to Scott and Kristine’s for the Christmas breakfast.

8 to 10am: Arrived at their home. Went inside and chatted away for a time. Taylor, Tiffany and Alex showed up. We had a fine feast of potatoes, quiche, soufflés, fresh fruit and yogurt, granola blueberry yogurt parfaits all with a fine cup of Awake Starbucks tea. Great chat and fun followed.

10am to 12pm: Fun and chat continued. Leta showed up and we opened presents. Made plans for the new year. We packed up and headed out.

12 to 2pm: Arrived home. Had some M&M’s. Read a bit on the Facebook. Texted a bit on the phone. Julie let me know she was up for a run so I am not one to say no to that. She arrived and took me down to Greenlake in her new Fiat. We ran 5 plus miles around the lake and zoo. Great conversation as usual. Back to the castle. Bye bye rub rub.

2 to 4pm: At home we had a cheese plate with pears, fig and Jacobs Cream Crackers. Also had chips and hummus. Matt arrived over and brought great home made popcorn that his grandmother would make. We continued to eat. Realta arrived later on as well. Chatting and eating. Started watching “Bad Santa” on the DVD.

4 to 6pm: Finished out the movie. It was good as always. Had a few treats. Talked with Phil on the text about meeting in Canada.Took Realta over to Sinead’s. Back home and chatted with Natasha and Matt. Continued cooking the dinner.

6 to 8pm: relaxed for a while and then ate Christmas dinner. Twas a lot of food. Joked and enjoyed the time.

8 to10pm.
Finished the dinner. Looked at old photos from our years together. Watched “Love Actually”

10 to 12am. Ate the apple pear and grape pie for dessert. It was good too. Finished out the film. Always a good one . Ate a bit of chocolate. Matt left right before midnight. Hug hug and he was off. A great day indeed.

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