Woke up grand enough.

Headed over to CVDS on Mercer Island. Met with the good Linda and I went to work investigating the roof. After a couple of hours I repaired another suspect leak area.

Headed back to the office. Headed up to Bartells Lynwood with supplies. Back at the office again and worked on the BEP monthly newsletter. Finished later than planned.

Went up to have a look at the punch list at Lakeshore. Couldn’t find what they were talking about.


Natasha and I headed down town. Parked near the ACT. Went down to Starbucks and I had my very first Caramel Brulee Latte. It was good.

Back up to the ACT and met Matt and Mama Linda. We had a grand chat before the show. Then went in and sat down. Tonight we are here to see another Christmas tradition for Natasha and I. “A Christmas Carol”


This years show went along well. Some actors were better and some not so better than previous years.

After the show we all went to the Cheesecake Factory for tea and dessert. Had a great chat for a couple of hours there. Bye bye, hugs, kisses and we were off. Whoosh,