Woke up after a grand sleep.

Got a text from the Katherine saying she had a cold. Poor thing. I lazed away the morning. Did go up and get the Christmas tree from the attic. The fecking lights were gone out in two of the sections. After a wee while of trying to remedy this I gave up. The tree was flung into the garage and I got the new one we had bought a couple of years ago that was sitting unopened in the shop and set it up.

Headed over to Julie’s house warming party. Had a grand time chatting to the people there. Natasha and Robert showed up too. Headed out once the limit of my socializing came to an end. Natasha followed me home.

I hopped out of the Malibu and into the Subaru. We went over to Walgreens to get the Christmas cards printed. Then over to Target for a few items. Walgreens to pick up the order and then home.

We ate the early dinner. Then I pit on some Christmas music and we went to town decorating the castle. Got a lot of it done.

photo 2

Started writing the Christmas cards and got them ready for the mail tomorrow.

Put in a DVD “The Holiday”


Always liked this one. I was nodding off though.

Finished out my day and now I will try and tire from the day.