Woke up after a wee sleep.

Headed down to the shop and picked up the Hilti PS1000. Headed over to Bellevue for a day of scanning at the Hitachi job. Took the entire day from shop to shop.

At 2:04pm the news came on that we got tickets to the Deck The Hall Ball 2014 from the good Kristine.

 photo dth_zps4f750d8b.jpg

I parked up on Olympic and walked down. I met Chuck and his new good woman Heidi at Agave. Mark the legend was there also. Chatted away for a while there. Then into the concert we go. I go on down to our seats.

Saw Kongos play and they were ok. Natasha showed up for TV On The Radio. I figured they would have been better. We headed out to grab a veggie burger from the Seven Hills Grill. The frigging line was long and slow. We got to see Young The Giant on the screen as we waited. Loved Caged The Elephant. Thought Weezer were okay. Imagine Dragons were not as goood as I had hoped. So after the show ended Cage The Elephant made the night in my eyes.

I walk back to my truck and head for home.