Natasha and I lay chatting for hours.

Finally nodded off to sleep.

Woke up a couple of hours later and started into the day. Watched The Late LAte Show on the RTE. It was a real good one for a change.

Got the day going. Passed away the morning as one does. Natasha had to go to her office so I went with her. Then I ran home from there. Ran around the west side of the golf course to try and make it a 6 mile run. Listened to “Serial” as I ran. Got home after over 6 miles under my belt.

Passed away the time doing odds and ends. Talked to me brother Eamon on the Viber.

Phil showed up. We went over to Enat for dinner. Back home for a bit. Matt arrived and had a shower here. We then went down to Greenlake for the Pathway Of Lights. Walked the lake listening to singers and listening to the people milling about.

Headed home and had a gwall of home baked cookies. A pot of tea. Fabilous chats and great humour.

Phil left before midngt.