Woke up after little sleep. Tired as feck but up. Watched The Late Late Show on the RTE. It was a good one. Had Robbie Keane, Pat Shortt, Hozier, Eric Church, Take That and a few others on. A grand end to their year there.

I played a bit of the Nintendo for a while. Had the breakkie as well.

Headed up to Edmonds to meet with Kelly and Julie for a Solstice run. I met Kelly at Cafe Lourve. We chatted away while we waited for Julie. Once she arrived we headed out. We ran along the waterfront stopping off to build a structure on the beach and carved into the sand. We held hands and danced around it to mark the solstice. Then on again until we reached 4 miles of a run. One mile for each of us and one mile for the Solstice. We stopped into The Walnut Street Coffee for tea and a muffin. Had some more chat. Then we headed off.

I arrived home at the same time Natasha was returning from her walk. Erin was already there working in the garden. Tea and apple pear tart passed a bit o time. Then we headed out again. We went down to “Ruzhen” for lunch. Chatted with the owner for a while as usual. Ate like champs and took some to go with us.

We went on over to Trader Joe’s for some Christmas provisions. It was busy but we got in and out in good time. Back home and loaded the larder and fridge. Paid Erin for her work in the garden and she headed off in the evening.

We had pizza for dinner. I finished the tart for dessert, We started watching “It’s A Wonderful Life” on the TV.

Always liked this one

I registered us for the Eugene Marathon for May 10th next year. At the same time I booked us a hotel in Vancouver BC for two nights next Friday.

Glanced at The Seahawks Cardinals game. Angela gave me great news about to reach the world in the coming weeks. I am delighted.

Checked in on the Seahawks again and we are winning.

Now I will turn on tune in and drop out.