Woke up after a great sleep.

Headed down to the shop a few hours later. Loaded up the Baker scaffolding and the Hilti scanner. Headed over to Hitachi Bellevue to do some scanning. After a while of not being able to get a clear reading I called Doc at Hilti. We had a good chat and then decided it wasn’t going to work this day. Talked to Doug and he will drill through and I will scan from the underside tomorrow.

Headed over to Bear Creek and scanned the day away there. Met with Bill and Bill. Danny and saw Chuck before I headed out.


Dinner and dessert with dessert to follow.

We watched the start of “Four Christmases” and so far it is so good. Will have to finish it later.

The great Joe Cocker died today from the old lung cancer.

Now maybe a nap.