Woke up after another good sleep.

Had the usual start to the morning. Headed down to the office for a few hours.

Stopped at Safeway on the way home. Got all the fixings we needed for the breakfast and dinner tomorrow.


A text from Julie to go for a run. Of course. She also needed help installing her new gas stove. When I got there I had a cup of tea and then went to work. I built a plastic tent and then went to work cutting down the two sides of the marble tile and cabinets. Got it in after a while. Two hours had passed from the time I walked in the door until I was finished so too late to go for a run.

I headed over to Natasha at her office. Snacked, chatter and we were done.

Headed home and got my pie all made up. Natasha came home and we walked on down to Pagliacci for dinner. Then walked back home.

Watched "The Fitzgerald’s Family Christmas"


It was a bit slow for me. But an Irish type of story.

Passed away the evening well.
Now a sleep on the eve of Christmas.