Woke up relaxed after a grand sleep.

Had a breakkie and packed up the bags. We headed out after a while. Left this fine hotel behind. Loaded into the Subaru and headed for the border. Crossed in less that 30 seconds.

We stopped off at Hagen for bagels and Starbucks for tea in Bellingham North. Back to Seattle in no time after that. Unloaded the car and went inside. All looked well, I headed over to Home Depot to pick up plywood for the job tomorrow.

Picked up the wood and took it back home. I cut one foot off each sheet to make them 3X8 sheets. Packed them into the garage. We then ate a grand lunch that Natasha made up.

Headed over to Scott and Kristine’s to watch the Seahawk game. Went through the remodel with them. Sean and Jodi came in from next door. Leta showed up as well. The game went well and we ate like champs. We were winning well in the last quarter so we headed out to beat the traffic home.

Ate home we ate a dinner. Ate a lot of shite like we have being doing for the last month. We watched “The Interview as well.


What a bunch of shite.

Now I will try and sleep with a lot of sugar rushing through my body. If I make it alive in the morning I will be better.