January 2015

Woke up in good form. Watched The Late Late Show on RTE.

Had the breakfast.
Got ready to head off to Olympia to run the half marathon there but at the last second I decided it was better for me to stay and run with Julie in Edmonds.

Later on she got in touch and we arraigned to meet at The Walnut Street Café. And there we met. A quick chat and off we go. We run around the area chatting great along the way. We stopped off on the beach and build another whatever you call it for  our buddy Kelly who has a buckled ankle.

We got done after our 10 mile run. Then into the Walnut Street Café again. We have tea and a bit of a scone each.

We sat outside and had another great finish to the chat as we cooled down. Then the time to get back to our lives arrived and off we go. I  head for the house. I watch a movie while I have me tea. The movie was shite and not worth mentioning a name on here.

Natasha comes home and we head on down to REI  and buy stuff for our trip. We eat a snack at World Wrapps while we are there.
Back home and relax for a wee while until time comes to go to Mitch’s old goat party.

The usual suspects show up and we party there for a few hours. Good fun and chats are had. Caked is blown and eaten.

We head home after the night is done. Now I lay in bed full and awaiting for the morning.


Woke up grand.

Headed on down to Atlas and got the Koster for the job. Over to Bellevue I go. I work on the Total Wine all day. Stop into “Big Apple Bagels” for me lunch. After I get done with the job I head back to the shop with the left over product. Then to the office for the call of duty with Justin.

Stopped into Greenlake on the way home for my 3 mile run.


When Natasha arrives we go over to Thornton Place to see “Project Almanac”
For being a low budget movie it was actually not bad at all.

Passed away the evening.

Watched a documentary about the man who shot Samuel Beckett on the laptop.


Went to work at the Total Wine in Bellevue. The 12s were out.

Did my investigation and headed back to the office for my day of labor. Got to help Dave do a de-mobe at the Parks job. Did some more odds and ends. I did pick up wood at Compton and spider boxes and the like at ACME. Finished out the day well and got out of there later than planned. Was asked many times about going to the party this evening. I met up with Justin before I left and we came up with a plan of attack for the Total Wine tomorrow so I had to leave to get started on it. 

I picked up Realta and we came home for tea and snacks. I headed out to do my Hill repeats and then home before Natasha came back. Realta did Natasha’s hair and we went up to Enat for dinner once it was done. 
Dropped Realta off at The Jewel Cafe with cash and we went home. 
Usual evening antics and now a leaba.


Woke up tired.
Took my first Typhoid pill and headed out for the day;s adventure.
Went to Swedish Ballard to do some scanning. Got on the phone with Doc at HILTI and er set up the electric feature on the scanner. I scanned the lid in 3 locations and found hot wire in one. Let the lads know to chip into it and see if it was on fact wire before they cut into it. 
Back to the office when I got done. Meetings and then helped Dave do a run over to Bainbridge Island to get the Dryair machine picked up. Ferry over and ferry back. Done. Finished up some odds and ends. Headed out. 
Stopped into Greenlake for my 6 mile run on the way home. 
Dinner and dessert. 
Went to bed late. ZZZZZZZZZ

Woke up tired.

Headed over to Home Depot to pick up supplies for my job. The job of the day today is in Brezza. I drive over to Kirkland. I meet Tim and he brings me up to the people’s home who have a leak coming in from the shower above.

The home owners are Alan and Patti. A truly lovely pair. Very comfortable people to be around. I go to work putting plastic and tarps down. Then I build my plastic room. The work begins. I cut out and remove the drywall above their shower. I continue cutting out where the black organics are  seen. I get Tim to run the shower above and I find the leak source of entry.

The last part of my day is vacuuming and bagging up all the debris. I remove my tent and plastic. Slowly start packing my tools and garbage outside. Had another good chat with the couple. I leave there happy with 2 rocks and an Abundance Angel. Meet with Tim to say goodbye and I am off.

I make my way back to the shop where I dump the garbage. Spent the rest of the day meeting with Justin and getting my stuff up to date.

Home for tea and then headed over to the UW clinic to meet with the good travel doctor. Went inside with his nurse where she did her thing. A nice Texan she was. After she was done in walks the doc. We sit and talk for over half an hour as he goes through the different risks about Thailand. So finally after coming to see him for 3 years he convinces me to get my very first flu shot. After the grand chat in comes Tex and shoots me up.

I head over to the Pharmacy at QFC on the way home. I do me shopping while my prescription is being filled. I go back up when I am done. She said it will be a few more minutes. I don’t have minutes so I head home and unpack everything.

Out the door again and down to meet Julie at the lake for a 6 mile run. She was late and I could wait no longer so I had no time for my run. I head home to spend a bit of time with me Natasha. We have dinner and dessert. Realta comes by and she has dinner. We play 45 for a while and then it is time for me to head back out for a quick scan and core at Bartell’s on 4th.

I meet Matt inside and then Stix when we go in the back. We work on removing the overlay from the slab so we could suction onto the solid slab underneath for the coring machine to core. A lovely Security guard from Somalia was there to keep an eye on the doors while we worked. The job ran long. Finally started the coring.

Woke up in good form.

Headed off for Bear Creek. Started in on the foaming. After noon I finished up all the foam I had opened and headed off for the shop. Put the scanner and a fold up ladder in Justin’s car. Then we headed for Bartells on 4th with Jack.

I scanned the underside of the store and marked out the rebar. We went inside then and laid it out in there. Met with the manager. She is a riot. Finished out the day and headed back to the shop.

Stopped into Greenlake for my run Got the 3 miles done.


Tea and aran.

Natasha arrived home and made another grand dinner.

We walked up and around the park to ass some time. Then home again.


Passed away the evening doing what we do best.

Now a movie and nap.

Woke up in good form.

Here are a couple of photos from our run yesterday.

Tuk to Alki16170809368_e068eeedb4_o

Passed away a few hours. Then we headed off over to hike up Mount Si. The weather was near 60 degrees which is very warm for the winter months. The hike went well. Here are a few photos from it.
IMG_3825IMG_3828 (2)IMG_3847IMG_3849IMG_3850IMG_3851

We stopped into Subway for lunch.

Then over to Trader Joe’s for provisions.


Natasha made great calzones for dinner. Dessert was good also”"

Passed away the evening doing odds and ends.


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