Woke up grand and early.

Passed away the morning watching movies. First up was “The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy”

Total shite and was mad at myself for watching it. The only good thing about this movie was I was able to fast forward to the parts that looked important enough to watch.

Next up was “This Is Where I Leave You”

This was far better and worth a watch. Jane Fonda was and looked great.

I did eat a healthy breakfast.

I did get into running clothes but that was as far as I got.
Bridget and Meredith came by for a visit. Tea, Hobnobs and a chat passed this enjoyable time away.

I then headed up to the law office. Natasha and I then headed over to Cinebarre for lunch and a movie. The first movie of 2015 was to be “Birdman”
The good thing about this movie was that we were able to enjoy lunch for a part of it. The bad thing about it was I couldn’t fast forward my way through it. Shite

We went to Thriftway for provisions. Then I headed for home as Natasha headed for the QFC.

We enjoyed our dinner.

Then later while having the dessert we watched “Byzantium”

Twilight for adults me arse. It was shite
We then watched “Mile. Mile And A Half” on the old Netflix.

This movie was good. Inspiring even.

During the day today I talked to 4 different people  about getting married. Well low and behold I got invited to a wedding on July 25th this year. Something to look forward to.

Now I will nap for my bit of work tomorrow.