Woke up early as hell of course.
I watched an Bio interview from the BBC with Rod Stewart about his life.
This was very good.

Next up I watched a Bio about Freddie Mercury.
This was not so good.

Last but not least I watched a movie. “The Drop”

I liked this movie.

Had a grand breakfast and then headed out for Everett to meet up with Phil. We are running  a half marathon in Mount Vernon this day. The weather report from yesterday was not too promising

Parked at the Holiday Inn and waited. Phil showed up and we headed on up to Mount Vernon. Got our race number. Went to the bathroom a couple of times. Then over an hour later we lined up for the start of the “Nookachamps  Half Marathon””

And off we go. We head out through town on the overcast day. Chatting and running along at a steady pace. Then the rain came and continued on for about a mile. Then like it started it ended. We ran on the rest of the way with the chat, music and little competitions with other runners. Finished the half in good form. Crossed the finishing line and continued to walk on for a bit. It was a nice steady half marathon.

We went inside the gym and had soup with crackers. Then water and some nice bread from The Grateful Bread Company.

Headed back to Everett where we said our goodbyes and off home. Natasha and I ate a later lunch and watched a marathon of “Downton Abbey- Season 5”
It was good of course.

Philippa showed up later on. We had tea, chocolate and a chat for an hour. Then headed on down to the Moore to see “Dame Edna’s Farwell Tour” show.
It was a good one. Good to see him live once in my life at least.