Woke up tired.

Headed over to Home Depot to pick up supplies for my job. The job of the day today is in Brezza. I drive over to Kirkland. I meet Tim and he brings me up to the people’s home who have a leak coming in from the shower above.

The home owners are Alan and Patti. A truly lovely pair. Very comfortable people to be around. I go to work putting plastic and tarps down. Then I build my plastic room. The work begins. I cut out and remove the drywall above their shower. I continue cutting out where the black organics are  seen. I get Tim to run the shower above and I find the leak source of entry.

The last part of my day is vacuuming and bagging up all the debris. I remove my tent and plastic. Slowly start packing my tools and garbage outside. Had another good chat with the couple. I leave there happy with 2 rocks and an Abundance Angel. Meet with Tim to say goodbye and I am off.

I make my way back to the shop where I dump the garbage. Spent the rest of the day meeting with Justin and getting my stuff up to date.

Home for tea and then headed over to the UW clinic to meet with the good travel doctor. Went inside with his nurse where she did her thing. A nice Texan she was. After she was done in walks the doc. We sit and talk for over half an hour as he goes through the different risks about Thailand. So finally after coming to see him for 3 years he convinces me to get my very first flu shot. After the grand chat in comes Tex and shoots me up.

I head over to the Pharmacy at QFC on the way home. I do me shopping while my prescription is being filled. I go back up when I am done. She said it will be a few more minutes. I don’t have minutes so I head home and unpack everything.

Out the door again and down to meet Julie at the lake for a 6 mile run. She was late and I could wait no longer so I had no time for my run. I head home to spend a bit of time with me Natasha. We have dinner and dessert. Realta comes by and she has dinner. We play 45 for a while and then it is time for me to head back out for a quick scan and core at Bartell’s on 4th.

I meet Matt inside and then Stix when we go in the back. We work on removing the overlay from the slab so we could suction onto the solid slab underneath for the coring machine to core. A lovely Security guard from Somalia was there to keep an eye on the doors while we worked. The job ran long. Finally started the coring.