Woke up tired.
Took my first Typhoid pill and headed out for the day;s adventure.
Went to Swedish Ballard to do some scanning. Got on the phone with Doc at HILTI and er set up the electric feature on the scanner. I scanned the lid in 3 locations and found hot wire in one. Let the lads know to chip into it and see if it was on fact wire before they cut into it. 
Back to the office when I got done. Meetings and then helped Dave do a run over to Bainbridge Island to get the Dryair machine picked up. Ferry over and ferry back. Done. Finished up some odds and ends. Headed out. 
Stopped into Greenlake for my 6 mile run on the way home. 
Dinner and dessert. 
Went to bed late. ZZZZZZZZZ