Woke up in good form. Watched The Late Late Show on RTE.

Had the breakfast.
Got ready to head off to Olympia to run the half marathon there but at the last second I decided it was better for me to stay and run with Julie in Edmonds.

Later on she got in touch and we arraigned to meet at The Walnut Street Café. And there we met. A quick chat and off we go. We run around the area chatting great along the way. We stopped off on the beach and build another whatever you call it for  our buddy Kelly who has a buckled ankle.

We got done after our 10 mile run. Then into the Walnut Street Café again. We have tea and a bit of a scone each.

We sat outside and had another great finish to the chat as we cooled down. Then the time to get back to our lives arrived and off we go. I  head for the house. I watch a movie while I have me tea. The movie was shite and not worth mentioning a name on here.

Natasha comes home and we head on down to REI  and buy stuff for our trip. We eat a snack at World Wrapps while we are there.
Back home and relax for a wee while until time comes to go to Mitch’s old goat party.

The usual suspects show up and we party there for a few hours. Good fun and chats are had. Caked is blown and eaten.

We head home after the night is done. Now I lay in bed full and awaiting for the morning.