Woke up grand. Still stuffed from the night before.
I took my third of four Typhoid pills.

After the breakfast I headed on down to the lake do do my 6 mile pace run. I was hoping on getting it at or under 8 minutes a mile but I missed it by 9 seconds a mile.  No harm.

Home I go.

Eat and relax for a wee bit. Then we head over to West Seattle to Scott and Kristine’s. Today we install the upper cabinets and watch the Super Bowl 49. Our Seattle Seahawks take on the New England Patriots.

Today at the party is Scott, Kristine, Darrin, Joni, Leta, Sean, Jodi, Games, Courtney, Jeremy along with his good woman, then Natasha and I. We ate and drank the hours away. Had a lot of fun.

The game was a frigging great game and anyone could have won it. But the better team of the day were The Patriots.

We gathered up our stuff and headed for home.

Blah blah blah.