Headed to the shop after I got the day on the go. Loaded up the spray foam and headed to Bear Creek. I foamed all the day long. It rained for the most part of the day.

I stopped off at Lake Forest Park in the way home and ran down and back The Burke Gilman trail to complete my 7 mile run.  I thoroughly enjoyed this run this day.

Went back to the car parked at the Lake Forest Park center. I bought two tee shirts and a dress shirt. Then popped into Albertsons to get a few provisions.


Realta had just beat me there. I made the dinner. Natasha came home and we all ate. Realta and I played cards for a while before she had to go.

Dessert followed. Passed away the evening. Booked the trail run for the coming weekend.

Now I watch The Saturday Night Show to end the day.