I played slots, poker and blackjack on the screen. I won over half a million dollars and got to play in “Al’s Casino”. I then watch “Bon Jovi” in concert. Looking at the time we were almost to the end of our 11 to 12 hour flight. I think the flight went too fast and I was going to ask the captain to slow it down a bit but I let it go.

Another meal goes in and I watch a documentary about ABBA next. I watch “Sherlock” for a while and a show on Seoul. Then we are heading in for the landing. We go through the security gates and board onto the Airbus 330 operated by Korean Air.

On board we eat and I watch “St Vincent”
This movie was quite good.

I listen to the new Bob Dylan cd on my iPod and then the new Waterboys cd after that.

We land on Phuket just over 6 hours later.  Go through the usual security and out to the street. We get the ride in the minibus taxi to the hotel.