By now it is past midnight when we arrive.  We check into the Phuket Airport Hotel. A nice air-conditioned room awaits us. We fall asleep soon after we lay down.

I wake up in 5 hours and go out for my 3 mile run. Back home and I shower. I then join Matt and Natasha outside for the tea at our table. Then we head over for breakfast. We have a nice chat with Pimm. She is running the place and is a lovely funny girl. She is married to a fellow from the Netherlands. We get her to order us a taxi to leave the hotel at 11am and we go off for a walkabout. Up and down the town buying stuff to take with us for the day. We get back late and the taxi is there waiting for us. We hop in and off we go.

He takes us along the roads until he gets us to the “Klong Hia Pier” the boat is there waiting for us. We cram ourselves in with the locals and take off.


The crossing takes 20 to 30 minutes. We arrive on the island or Ko as they say here. We get off onto the pier on Ko Yao Yai.

We walk up along and hop onto a converted truck that is now a taxi for the Thiwson Resort.

We drive along and arrive at the resort a little bit later. We check in and get our bungalows. We get B2 and Matt gets B3 at the “Thiwson Beach Resort” Unpacked and headed outside. Natasha relaxes by the pool

while Matt and I head on down along the beach for a couple mile walk. It was nice just looking around seeing all the different scenery and listening to the different noises around us.


We make our way back up along and meet Natasha at the pool where we swim for a good while.

We eat dinner later on at the restaurant. We make our way out and lay on the deck chairs looking at the stars before we finally make our way back to get some sleep.