Woke up early and went out for a run after it was getting bright, around 6:30am. I headed north and ran up the island. I saw many people out and about. I ran by the swarms of singing cicadas, the water buffalo, chicks, goats and people out doing their Tai Chi on their patios. It was sweltering hot this morning. I was tired very fast but I got my 7 mile pace run in.

Back to unit B2 and Natasha was gone out. I walked on down to the beach. I could see her and Matt off walking way on down a ways. I lay on a beach chair and listened to the beautiful sounds of Thailand nature all around me. Half an hour later Natasha and Matt arrived back. We went to our homes.


I went for a well needed shower and got ready. We all met up and went for breakfast.

We had eggs, fruit, toast, cookie and a gwall of tea. Had a grand chat there for an hour. Then we got ready to go up to see the fellow about picking up our mopeds.  The fellow’s name was Aman. He tried to charge us more by charging us extra for the gas. I had the argument with him and worked out a better deal. We took off like 3 hells angels on three scooters.

We drove all the way South throughout the island.

We stopped off at a beach for a swim and some snorkeling. The man o’ war were out and I got a couple of dings from them. We swam away for a while and then headed back to the beach for a rest in the sun.

On the bikes and off we go. We stop off for ice cream along the way.

Then we head off to another beach for a swim. Another attack from the man o’ war but this time we all got dinged.  Kept going all the day back North through the island.

We came to a dead end at another beach where we rested up and walked around for a while.


Went on back to our homes for a shower before our massages. We had time to eat dinner before so we did that as well. Then on over to the place and returned the bikes. We went in and removed the clothes. Lay on the mats and we had our massages. I had the owner “PO” Natasha had another young girl who had a strong grip. Matt had Fatima. We went across to the shop for a couple cans of coke. Then the girls waved us down and drove us back to our resort. It was very nice of them indeed.

After we got our stuff out away we met up and went to the beach. Lay on the chairs talking just like we did last night. Another good exciting chat. Then time to retire crept up and off we went to our bungalows. Another great memorable day on the books.