Woke up after nearly 7 hours sleep.
Relaxed until daylight shone through. Put on my shoes and headed off on my 8 mile run.

Showered and washed a few of me clothes. We headed on down for breakfast with Matt.  A good chat and made plans for the day. We went off for a walkabout. Headed north and down to a beach for a swim and rest.


After a couple hours of snorkeling, resting and being creative we headed back up the road and went north again. We saw a black snake with red spots getting out of our way. We walked down through the Ting Rai Beach Resort to see if could get lunch next door at The Old Lamp Bungalows. Met with the owner there. He was a nice fellow. However he only does breakfast and dinners so we wandered along down the beach and got a call out from the fellows at The Last Fisher Bungalows. We went in and sat Japanese style and ordered.

We had great food and a truly great chat from these great guys there. The food was fresh and healthy and a great vegetarian menu to boot.

We walked back to our place


and I hopped in the shower and then headed straight down for my massage. The girl was very nice. Her name was Bee. We went out onto the beach and lay in a wooden kabana. She went on to give me the greatest massage I ever had in my life. I left there with all the muscles that needed care being worked on. I felt so good, tomorrow I may be a wee stiff. I headed back up and chatted with my beautiful wife until her turn for the massage came up after the Bee was done with Matt. I lay on our hammock for a couple of hours listening to all the sounds around me. Frigging so natural and peaceful.

When Natasha came back we headed on down to have dinner. My calf ached where I had the good massage. We sat and looked at the menu. Matt came up a few minutes later and we had our dinner. We ate a chocolate banana crepe in honor of Pancake Tuesday.

Headed back to bungalow 9 a while later. Got a ready for a nights rest. We had to shut our windows so the monkeys would not come inside while we sleep.