Woke up after 4 hours of sleep. Listened to the great rainstorm outside. Got up and moving after a while. Put on the shoes and ran the hill from the road up to the top of the Jungle Hill Bungalows and back down. Ran this about 15 times. This is the only hill near where we stayed on this island. Anyway got the equivalent of my 5XHill run in here.

Home and showered. Headed on down for the breakfast. We ate our last meal at The Jungle Hill Bungalows. Back to the room and packed up our bags. Lay on the hammock until time to go.
DSCF2634 IMG_4239
Paid Tang gave her a huge thanks and a hug and off we went. We walked up to our new abode for the next couple of nights.


They had only one bungalow left where the Kiwi had to take his good woman to the hospital. 3 to a bed locked under a mosquito net should be fun.

We headed down for a swim and hung out on the beach for a while.

Then we went in and had our lunch in the usual sitting area for us. We sat there and talked with Mango, Billy and their Matt for ages and ages once we were done. So today was another day of total relaxation.


Up to the bungalow and showered off the days dust and salt. Then headed back down for dinner. Watched the thunder and lightening storm roll in followed by the rain. The lightening lit up the whole beach. Billy played his guitar and sang his show well. A great guitarist and sang grand as well. We watched the geckos decimate all the flying bugs around the lights in the kabana. This was a bit of fun to see. I chatted to my Swiss miss for a few minutes and then headed back up to the bungalow to end the evening there.

All fitted in the bed well. Natasha managed to fall off asleep first followed by Matt. I lay there playing solitaire on my iPod. Then I listened to Christy Moore into my sleep hours.