Woke after 7 hours sleep. Played on the iPod for a while and then nodded off for another bit of time. Got up packed the last of our stuff. Headed down to Mayta and paid our bill. He gave us cups of tea while we chatted with him. Then it was time to head down to the boat. We made our way down the beach and waited for the long boat to take us out to the ferry.


It came a while later and we boarded and rode out to wait for the ferry to pass. It showed up soon after and then we hopped on. Rode across to Krabi pier.


From here we hop in a taxi, which takes us to the Talin pier. The driver drove like he stole the van. He was a mad man. We wait for the boat here.

Once it arrives we hop on. We had three lady boys on board. Also a few locals and a couple from Germany who were having a baby in the end of June. It was a nice crossing and we had fun with our fellow passengers.


We arrived onto Ko Yao Noi and got a taxi

up to the Pasai Beach Lodge. We checked in with Dee Dee . We got bungalow 6

and Matt got 5  I think. Unloaded the bags and headed out for a walk around. We found a spot on the beach and went in for a swim.

The man o’ war were stinging a wee bit again. We sat on the chairs and lay in the hammocks for a few hours.

Then back to the bungalows in the evening for a shower and wash the clothes.

Once we were all ready we went out for a walk up to the “Rice Paddy” for dinner. We met the owner Frank, he is a lovely fellow from Germany originally. A bundle of information for the island and its community. I ate my best meal in Thailand here tonight. Starters and dessert included.

We walked on back to the cabins where we sat on the porch and chatted for a while. Then it was time to settle in for the night.