Woke up after 5 hours. Put on the shoes and got my 3 mile run in. Once back at bungalow 6 I got my camera and headed to the beach to capture the last sunrise. It was so nice in real life. The nice French girl was there as well but I did head down the beach for a better photo.

Back to the bungalow and started in on packing. We met up with Matt and headed up to the restaurant for our last breakfast. Saw our French friends there again. Ate our food and headed back and relaxed at the bungalow until noon.

We walked out to meet up with the taxi. Got to say goodbye to everyone we passed. The massage girls were sad. Saw the Frenchies. Got to say goodbye to them.

My one in pink I would run off with and marry was looking great and our paths may never cross again. Well I wouldn’t really marry her.

We rode in Pay’s truck up to the Pier.

We had to wait an hour for the ferry.

Finally it arrived and we took off for Phuket stopping off at Ko Yao Yai to pick up a few passengers. It was nice to see our first island of stay again.


Arrived into the pier in Phuket. We then got a taxi ride up to the airport.

Went through the security and the Korean Desk wasn’t open. It won’t be open for another 7 hours or so. We went down to the first floor and put our bags in the Left Luggage Room for 85 baht a bag. Then we walked over to see if Pimm was doing lunch. She indeed was not but the fellow there recommended a place we could eat.

Ate the lunch.

Then we went off shopping. Got to buy the hammocks I was looking for.

We walked around some more and then headed on down to the Sirinath National Park.

We walked along the beach all the way up to the busy shopping area.

Watched the last sunset we are going to see in Thailand. It was nice.

We went out and did some more shopping. I got a jug of 100% coconut oil so I can give and receive massages with Natasha. Then we walked all the way back to the airport.

Had dinner in “Bill Bentley’s Pub”.

First half normal to us food to us we had in a long time it seemed. Got our bags out of storage and had a cup of tea at the tea shop. Had a few Ovaltine cookies with the tae.

Finally checked in and went through passport control. Went to our gate and waited for the boarding call. The time approached midnight as we waited.