We passed into the new day a waiting. Then half an hour into it we started to get the call to board. Thirty minutes after that we took off into the sky on the Airbus 330-300 operated by Korean air.


We had a couple glasses of orange juice along the way. I watched “Hector And The Search Of Happiness”
It was okay enough. A life questioning movie really.

Then I listened to the poems of Robert Burns on the Audio Book. Robbie a farmers son who was lionized by the literary society of his time, but neglected by them when he died at the ripe old age of 37.

I played more poker along with slots and did win millions and millions. Ate a healthy breakfast that didn’t taste so great but it did not have any meat, fish, dairy, lard or root vegetables in it. Landed in Seoul Korea with the temperatures at 0 degrees Celsius.

We went through the security and customs. Went to Starbucks for a cup of tea. Then over to the Tour Transit Dusk to see if we could do a tour. We met a fellow from California at the desk looking to do a tour also, Henry from California. He was a grand fellow full of stories and the want to see stuff. He was on his way back from the Philippines after seeing his new woman there. Anyway we went off to see the Yonggungsa Temple. Kim was our tour guide.

We walked around taking photos of the temples and old trees on the property. Then we had to get back on the bus and head back to the airport.

Met a nice girl from Indonesia on the tour. We got back to the airport and dropped off Henry. Then we headed off on another tour.

We drove over the longest bridge in Korea. The Incheon Bridge, it is over 21 KM long. Then we arrived at the Heungryunsa Temple and got to walk up the 108 steps to the top. Took photos around there. It was well worth the visit. Bob was our tour guide now, he was a bit slow on the English pronunciations but did alright. The Indonesian girl’s name if Fatismo and she is heading through Seattle going to Alaska for a teachers conference. She is coming back through Seattle next week and we may meet up.

We rode the bus back to the airport after being out and about for the few hours.

Went up to the Italian restaurant for lunch. It was a good bowl of spaghetti. After an hour we walked around the airport for the last bit of time left on this trip. Went over to our boarding gate and waited for the call.

Boarded the Boeing 777-200 operated by Korean Air and we took off. On board ate a dinner. Did the crosswords on the paper and in my book. Watched the movie “Fury”


It was okay. Better than I expected.

Continued on watching the news on the TV and the flight went by quickly. We landed in Seatac. Went through and got our bags.

Took a taxi to Matt’s. We said our goodbyes and talked about our next trip together.

Natasha and I head for home. We stop off and get the car gassed up. then over to QFC for provisions. Finally home. Eat a snack. Shower and I head down to the  office to meet with the Koster Company Reps. The meeting went great and I chatted with Mike and Mark from Koster for a while.

Then I head home and get to bed soon after.