March 2015

Woke up at least.

Headed over to Bear Creek after a few hours of idle time. Josh and I at it all day. It was raining and a wee cold to boot. Got a lot done with the Blueskin. Tomorrow should see the end of that.

Headed home in good time. Did a wee demo in the spare room. Then headed over to the 24 Hour Fitness and signed up a membership. Straight home I went and continued working until Natasha came home.

We ate the dinner and dessert. I booked my half marathon down in Orting on Sunday next. Then I booked 4 tickets to go and see Brandi Carlile at The Radio City Music Hall in New York on October 9th.

Now I will catch up on many unread emails and may comment back to some of the people.


Woke up wide awake at 1:30. Watched some of the “How To Get Away With Murder” Season 1.

So far it is good.

Passed away the day doing what I do.

Then headed off over to Bear Creek. Josh helping me this day again. We worked on installing the Blueskin on the Roof B gables again.

Finished out the day and headed off for home. I stopped into Safeway for a few provisions.

Relaxed at home for a wee bit. I then started into removing the drywall in the spare room. When Natasha arrived home I gave up on it.

We ate dinner and dessert. Watched a movie “Alex Cross”


Feck, this movie was a good one..

Now the hope of a wee nap is taking over me.

Woke up early and passed the morning away.

Got the text from Julie and she was nearly on time.

photo 1

She cam in for a wee bit before we headed out. We loaded on the Tiger Balm, packed pain pills, Gu and water into our pockets first.

We drove down to the East Portal Viewpoint and parked.

We then headed off down and across the I-90 floating bridge to Mercer Island. We circled the island and headed back towards the car. Took in an extra loop or two along the way to make up the 20 mile run.  We had a great chat along the way when talking was an option.

Headed home. Hugs and off we go.

I went in and made lunch for Natasha and I right after she arrived in the door after me. I got a load of laundry done as well. Watched some movies on the upstairs TV.

We had the dinner and dessert and the grand chat.
While watching another movie I saw online that my friend Katherine had lost her beloved dog Miranda. I sent her a private message. We hadn’t talked in ages.
photo 2

We went on to talk about other items in this world and said our goodbyes.

Finished out the day well.

Now I will try and find sleep somehow but I am Wide Awake in America.

Woke up early. Lay and watched The Late Late Show on RTE.

Had a look at a photo online from our Half Marathon last weekend.

Natasha made a great biscuit sandwich breakfast. We relaxed the morning away chatting and then came the 10 am time to purchase concert tickets at Chateau Ste Michelle. We bought 5 concert tickets to go and see John Fogerty, Steve Miller, Michael Franti, Mark Knopfler and Frankie Valli  over the summer.

We then headed up to World Market for provisions,

then the Costco for more provisions, then The Dollar Store, then The Grocery Outlet and then home. Unloaded the car and gave the chicken from Costco to Carmen as a gift.

We headed on down to the Sundance to see “It Follows”

The movie was god for a lower budget one.

Talked with Angela back in London when we got home. Ate the dinner and dessert.

Now I should try and sleep for tomorrow’s run/

Woke up grand and headed off to work after a couple of hours.

Got the new Josh to aid me this day. We worked on the Gables for most of the day but I was dragged off in different directions throughout the time.



Natasha came home from her girls night out.

Now I may watch the RTE

Woke up grand.

Headed on out to Bear Creek for the day of labor. Chuck and I at the Blueskin install all day pretty much.


Went to Enat for dinner with Natasha.
Safeway for dessert. Then headed on downtown to the Paramount to see “Mamma Mia”


It was so frigging good yet again. Great memories of y childhood in Cooleenbridge as a boy.

Home and now a trip to leaba.

Woke up tired after a good sleep.

Headed on down to Atlas to buy some materials. Met Chuck at the office and we went up to Cinerama to do some work on the canopy.


Removed, reset and sealed some of the metal around the sign. Once complete. We headed back to the shop and worked on unloading the items and storing them in our room.

Got set up for Bear Creek tomorrow. Back too Atlas for a few other items and set the billing right for the different jobs.


Dinner a reheated for our bellies.

Passed away the rest of the evening doing odds and ends.

Now tune in tomorrow.

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