Woke up tired and early. 
Had the the breakkie. Headed on down to Greenlake for me run later on.

Today I did the Natasha Staton Loop and then around the zoo followed by two laps of the lake with Julie. I got nearly 18 miles of running in and have just over 17 miles of it here. My Garmin may be on the way out.

Julie and I went over to the Urban Bakery for tea and a treat. We sat outside and talked for a long time, well until we got too cold anyway.

Home and did some odds and ends around the place.

We went up to Cinebarre again to see another movie and have dinner. We saw “McFarland USA” there today.


It was a good movie. I sat there directing all the crying people like a symphony in my head.

Had the dessert at home and now I will find something to keep my mind occupied until I sleep/