Woke up early and watched the RTE for a couple of hours.

Had a good breakkie. Then decided to head off for a run. It was pissing down outside but I headed off. Ran up 15th then down 24th Ave NE and NE178th  to Lake Forest Park. Hit the Burke Gilman Trail there and ran on down past the U-Village mall and then up 25th Ave NE to Cowan Park. Ran through the park and up along to Greenlake. Headed home from there taking in  a lap around Maple Leaf Park to make it an even 20 mile run this day.


Hot Shower followed and a great lunch ala Natasha followed that. Bridget P came by with her new fellow “Brian” for a visit. Cup of tea, cookies and a chat followed. Brian is a real nice guy and I am glad she got a good one. Passed away the rest of the afternoon until time for dinner. We finished out season 2 of Vikings downstairs. It was real good.