Woke up very early with the sugar that was coursing through my body. I did manage to fall back for a wee bit more.

Got up and ready for my trip over to Julie. I headed out and over to Lake Forest Park. She was ready and hopped in. We made our way down the 405 and over 90 to Mercer Island. Parked and walked over to the center.

We walked around looking at stuff and the like. A porto potty stop before the start and we went down to line up. We chatted over and back between the two we were in.  Off we go grossing the starting line. We had a good chat all along the way. Learned even more about each other even. Even though we were going easy and it didn’t seem like a struggle we passed over the finishing line of the Mercer Island Half 2015 in great form with a big sprint up the hill to the finishing line passing many people and wows from the spectators. This sprint was to keep Bridget in our memory.

Headed home. Natasha brought me some lasagna and a brownie from the deck demo party. We headed over to Thornton Place to see “Cinderella”
The movie was a grand romantic one shur.

Had the great dinner at home.

Watched another episode of The Outlander.

Looked up property to buy.

Now I lay listening to Van Morrison.