Woke up early. Lay and watched The Late Late Show on RTE.

Had a look at a photo online from our Half Marathon last weekend.

Natasha made a great biscuit sandwich breakfast. We relaxed the morning away chatting and then came the 10 am time to purchase concert tickets at Chateau Ste Michelle. We bought 5 concert tickets to go and see John Fogerty, Steve Miller, Michael Franti, Mark Knopfler and Frankie Valli  over the summer.

We then headed up to World Market for provisions,

then the Costco for more provisions, then The Dollar Store, then The Grocery Outlet and then home. Unloaded the car and gave the chicken from Costco to Carmen as a gift.

We headed on down to the Sundance to see “It Follows”

The movie was god for a lower budget one.

Talked with Angela back in London when we got home. Ate the dinner and dessert.

Now I should try and sleep for tomorrow’s run/