April 2015

Woke up early and passed away the morning.

Headed on out the door and down to the office. Picked up Roger and Jeff. We headed on over to Bainbridge Island again. Continued with the WRB install on the T&C Market. We got a lot done even though we lost the parking lot this day.

Back to Seattle.


Natasha and I went to Enat for her birthday dinner. Then QFC to get cake for her birthday dessert.

Watched the Blacklist again.

Now going to bed.


Headed on over to the Bainbridge Island this day. Roger and I all day in the lift.
Headed back early to the State Of The Company Meeting. Met a lot of the people there. The state of the company is great as of now.

Headed on home. Realta was there to do Natasha’s hair. We had the dinner and went through the events of life.

More Blacklist

and then the sleep took over.

Woke up okay enough

Headed down and picked up Roger and we headed to the island of Bainbridge for the day of installing the liquid WRB. Chuck brought Jeff over.

Worked at is for 5 hours and then installed the window pans and moved all our product out of the one space so they could work on the floor later on,

Ferry back across and dropped the fellows off at the shop again.

Headed for home.

Installed a wee more drywall in the guest bedroom Then had desserts and watched The Blacklist some more.

Oh yeah, Tessie went to the hospital this day. Hopefully they will make her feel better. I must pay her a visit but I am busy each evening until at least Friday.

Woke up early.

Got all ready for my day out. Headed to the shop. Met Chuck and we loaded up the van. Soon after Roger and Jeff showed up. Roger rode over to Bainbridge in my car while Jeff rode with Chuck.

Today we started installing the Energshield on the West side of the building. I worked on the manlift all day long.

The day ended quick. We rode the ferry back across to the other side. I dropped Roger to the shop and off home I head.

Played on the Nintendo for a wee bit. Natasha came back from the gym and we had dinner.

Then many desserts as we watched The Blacklist.

Now I lay.

Woke up in the wee hours. Passed away all the day.
Had me breakkie and headed out to the Redmond Watershed to do a run. Philippa showed up a while later and we got ready for the run.

We took off on the “Mud & Chocolate” Half Marathon Trail Run. We chatted and encouraged people along the way. It was a grand half marathon run.

This was a well run event and the amount of chocolate we got to eat was great.

Headed home.

I met Chris from across the street as I was pulling in she was leaving. I told her about the half and she was very happy. I then gave her my chocolate medal I got for finishing the race. She was even happier now.

Natasha came home from the gym soon after. She made and we and ate lunch.

We headed on down to go to a Sounders game. We parked and walked up to The Pyramid Brewery for dinner. Matt and Philippa showed up soon after. Had a grand snack.

Headed on over then to see the game. Tonight we take on the Portland Timbers.


We won the game 1-0 which made it better.

Headed on home after and now I will sleep for the long day tomorrow.

Woke up early and passed away the morning fecking around on the internet.
Natasha made a great breakfast for us.

We then headed over to Home Depot and bought drywall, mud and outside window trim for the bedrooms. Came back home and went to work on the room while Natasha headed over to the gym.

I removed all the drywall on the west wall of our room. Then I started installing and completing  the insulation on both the West and South wall. I then started hanging rock.

Natasha made us a nice lunch that we ate while having a great old chat.  I continued hanging the drywall until time to go and see a movie came.

We headed over to Oak Tree and saw “Ex Machina”

I didn’t like it at first but it was actually okay overall.

Home and went to work  on the room again. Ate the dinner ala Natasha. Tidies up the job site and then had a cup of tea. Julie arrived and we headed out for a run. Decided to run the neighborhood and ran 3.8 miles. We had a great old chat as usual along the way.

Back home and had the dessert.  Watched Pride and Prejudice a wee bit on the telly.  

Some photos and the like from this week.,




i love youx

Green Card

Now I am listening to The Gloaming and will have a wee nap for me run tomorrow morning.

Woke up grand and passed away a few hours in the morning like I do.

Back to the Bear Creek for me last day there until they are ready for me to come back.

I did all the sealant on the CMU walls inside the building. The masons will have to come back and get the other control joints cleaned out for me. I finished out the day late sealing up the missed areas outside for an hour.


Natasha arrived soon after and we headed off down to Queen Anne. Ate dinner at the Blue Water Taco Grill inside the Armory. Then headed over to Safeway for dessert.

Then down to the REP and inside we go to see the play “Outside Mullingar”

This play was so well written and very good. Along the lines of a modern day Sammy Beckett as well. Well worth a watch and I would see it again.

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