Woke up tired as fuck.
Ate me breakkie. Passed away some time chatting to Natasha. Then I headed off down to the town of Orting.

I park at the skate park next to the fire station and meet up with the Sporty Diva runners. I get my number and wait back at me car for the race to start. At 9:50 we all meet at the start. Go through the course and mantra of motivation. Then we start. Off we go down the trail for about 3 miles. Then turn around and back again. Pass the start and go the other way for a bit and back again. Then one more down and back of the same. I ended up crossing the finishing line in 3rd place. I got me medal and bag of gifts. Talked with Rosie the organizer. She was so nice and is a blast. I was happy with my time this day. Not so bad for an old injured goat. The Sporty Diva Half Marathon at Orting Trail was a nice one.

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I head back for home. Natasha is there waiting for my arrival. I put on a veggie burger and enjoy that.

Then I decide to remove, reframe and install the new window in our bedroom. I get at it and work like a mad man until I get it done. Matt arrived in the meantime for the Easter dinner and talked to Natasha while I finish.

Then the dinner time arrived just as I was starting the tidy up. I go inside and change. We sit, chat, eat, laugh, make plans and the like for the next 3 to 4 hours. It was a great dinner ala Natasha.

I get up and go outside to finish the clean up. Matt gets ready and heads out for home. I get most of the outside cleaned up and snap the photo.


All that is needed now is to install the trim after I waterproof the brick to the building.

I go inside and vacuum up the room and taker down the temporary plastic that kept the dust contained. Lay on the bed chatting with Natasha as we looked at the new addition to the room.  

Now and maybe now I might be able to relax enough too get tired in the coming hours.