Woke up in so so shape.

Got up and started into my breakfast. I scanned the new book that arrived at my door yesterday from my good pal Bridget P.

Packed up the lunch and headed out. I was thinking about laying around the house this day to see if the chance of my sinuses would not kick me to the ground in the coming days but I did head out as I said.

Worked on caulking. Did move tarps and the like off the roof and cleaned up the site a bit.


I put on the dinner and waited for my missus to arrive back home. Once she did I put on the veggie burgers.  We ate the dinner and then took on the desserts.

We lay on the couch and watched a gwall of The Long Way Down. Makes us feel the need to go back to Africa again. Oh wait, that’ll be next year with the help of god. I was nodding off and on a wee bit so time came for me to rest up.

Now I lay on bed and will watch something on the laptop.