Woke up early in okay form. Headed out to the kitchen after a couple of hours. Phil had just got there. Pat made the tea. We had a bagel with peanut butter and a good chat with it. Then the time came to head out to the start of the race.

Phil and I drove back down to Woodland and parked. The rain came pouring down as we were walking over to the starting area. Horrible. Anyway off we went. We ran strong along the way. I kept motivating Phil along the way. Natasha and Matt met us at Mile 6 9 15 and 21. Pat and Aileen met us at like 22 and 24 so a good turn out and support came our way this day.

I lagged back and Phil kept on going when we came up along the dirt road from the river. There was a good lack of food on this run this day. But a great turn out for the water stations and porto potties.

I came down along the last of the marathon and finished what was to be my second fasted marathon in my life. Phil had come in before me with a Boston qualifying time. I was delighted with that. Natasha, Matt, Jill, Pat, Aileen and Phil were there as I crossed the finishing line. I had a grand applause and felt like a champ.

We walked around the park for w while and met other people there. No post race food available really so we decided to head back to Longview. So my moving time for “The Blooms To Brews Marathon 2015”  was here and my chipped time was  


Here are a couple of photos from the day.
BtBMphoto 2photo 4

Back at the house we ate great sandwiches, cookies and a gwall of tea. The time came for our departure from this home of great hospitality. Lots of hugs and we were off.
Stopped into Safeway on the way for provisions.

At home we ate dinner and a great dessert. Finished out the last few episodes of Long Way Down. We decided to plan a road trip on the bikes this summer after watching it. Let’s see how long this will last.

Now maybe an nap might help me.